Song Review: Zephyra “The Darkest Black”

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Sweden’s Zephyra is back with new metal single that is going to make you scream for more music!  This single is full of clean and screaming vocals by vocalist Åsa Netterbrant.  If you’ve yet to discover Zephyra, it’s time you do.  When Åsa hits the growls be ready for the hairs on your arms to stand straight up. So powerful and a bit freakish at the same time.

As for the instrumental music on this single, very good!  Heavy guitar riffs, manic, deep bass beats, aggressive drums when all mixed together make for a mix of speed and pit stirring aggression to start at any live show.  If that’s not enough to really pull you into the song, they take it up a notch halfway through the song and switch the vocals from English to Swedish!  When you get to the lone bass riff that adds the keyboards and drums, you’re headed into the Swedish part of the song, but don’t despair, they do switch back to English as the song progresses.  It’s times like these I am thankful I am studying Swedish as I was able to follow along for the most part.  But then again, if you are a fan of the band Kvelertak from Norway, you won’t even mind, after all they sing in their native tongue and English speaking fans are crazy about their music.

So check out Zephyra in their music video below.  Head over to our Facebook Page and let’s chat about them.

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