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311… They’re just one of those bands that you can always count on and trust to be consistently awesome. After being in the scene now for 27 years, a feat in itself that is almost unheard of these days, they recently released their Twelfth studio album!! (not including Singles and Compilations). 311’s newest gem, Mosaic, debuted at #6 onBillboard’s Top 200 Album list. That would make it their 10th…..yes, TENTH consecutive Top 10 Album. I mean, seriously, these guys are, and always have been, in a class all on their own. And like any band releasing an amazingly successful album, they are gearing up for tour in support of Mosaic.

I became a 311 fan when they came in hot on the scene, with the 90’s classic song “Down” (did I just call something from the 90’s, classic?? It has begun…age), but soon after hearing that, I quickly ventured back to the start of their career, with the album Music. That album grabbed me. Heavy…flowing…melodic, and energetic. Fast forward to the newest in the 311 arsenal, Mosaic, and you’ll find that they haven’t veered very far at all from their “grassroots”.

Over the years, refinement is inevitable. You become more polished, your production gets better, and if you’ve earned success, like 311 has, then your repertoire seems to open up even more. And with that in mind, you can put this new album on at any point, and KNOW exactly who you’re listening to, instantly, and vibe with them as if it were any point in their career. Not many bands do that these days. Mosaic is filled with the same smooth reggae, hip hop, melody driven, funk and metal riffs weaving in and out of their songs, as any of 311’s previous albums that grabbed you! Nick will still soothe your soul with his beautiful smooth pipes, Chad will still get you rockin’ with his
technical and always on point drum patterns….P-Nut will ALWAYS “beat that thang” better than most. Tim’s guitars on the song “Too Late”, reminiscent of the wild west (initially), then subtly fades into beautiful melody for the verse, but by the time the chorus hits, it is HEAVY, and I am JAMMIN’!! And then comes SA, with his classic rap style, to really solidify the 311 sound. Like another one of their new songs, “Til the City’s on Fire”, which was inspired by the latest Jamaican/EDM trends, they just make you want to move. But then they can turn around with the chill vibes, and deep (and even sad) lyrics of “Places That the Mind Goes”.

All around, 311 will still kick your ass with the best of them, and then turn around and give you a smile and a hug. Nothing has changed. They’ve simply gotten better and better.

A link to their “Tour” page, where you can get tickets, as well a their fall tour dates are listed below.311 has always been an absolutely fun and amazing live band. This tour will surely keep up with that legacy. Go grab your tickets now! I hope to see your beautiful faces at the Baltimore date, screaming and shouting, and singing along!


10/07 – Irvine, CA @ FivePoint Amphitheater
10/12 – St Paul, MN @ The Myth
10/14 – Chicago, IL @ Octoberfest @ Petrillo Band Shell
10/15 – Madison, WI @ Orpheum Theater
10/16 – Sioux Falls, SD @ The District
10/18 – Cedar Rapids, IA @ Club 5 @ US Cellular Center
10/19 – Grand Rapids, MI @ 20 Monroe Live
10/20 – Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom
10/22 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
10/23 – Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works
10/24 – Knoxville, TN @ The Mill and the Mine
10/26 – Bethlehem, PA @ Sands Bethlehem Event Center
10/27 – Providence, RI @ The Strand
10/28 – Montclair, NJ @ The Wellmont Theater
10/30 – Port Chester, NY @ The Capitol Theater
10/31 – Huntington, NY @ Halloween at the Paramount
11/02 – Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live!
11/03 – Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre
11/04 – Tampa, FL @ Cuban Club

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