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Michigan based rock band Wayland has released an amazing album!  From the opening note to the very last one, I completely enjoyed Rinse & Repeat.

The album kicks off with “Ghost” that is genuine rock n’ roll that’s going to grab the listener from the beginning and hold on to them to the very last track on the album. The second track “Through the Fire” goes on to prove these guys have a solid sound that is melodic and well thought out from the lyrics to the music.  Their sound reminds me of many of my favorite rock bands I have followed throughout the years that have managed to harness such a well rounded rock sound that isn’t over the top or sounding like the band is trying to hard.  There is just something in this album that resonates with my love of rock music.

When you hit the third track “Come Back to Me” don’t be surprised to find yourself singing along almost immediately. This track is has a great melody that make you want to sing along with them.  For me, my inner teen started imagining this song in the middle of a great cheesy teen movie where the movie needs that hit song to tie it all together.  I mean with lyrics like “Come back to me, I was never bulletproof without you” in a very melodic tone, yes this song instantly stuck with me.

This album carries this tone almost all the way through it until you get to the song “Shopping for a Savior” then the album changes up a bit into a bluesy tone throughout the remainder with little grungy undertones. This track in particular is going to make you want to get up and shake your money maker.  This is just a feel good blues rock track that feels as if it’s meant to inspire you to get up and move.  The entire tone of the song stretches the music on this album into a different direction while at the same time blending in perfectly to the album but also perfect setting the transition of the remaining tracks on the album.

And just as you feel you know what the albums remaining feel is, you will get a different shift as you get to “Follow”, it’s a toned down track with more of an acoustic feel to it.  The last few tracks o the album go back and forth in musical directions, a little harder then a little more melodic, but it all ties in together nicely.

I really enjoyed this album and would recommend if you are looking for a new rock group to give a try that you give Wayland‘s Rinse & Repeat a listen.

Through the Fire
Come Back to Me
All Rise
All We Had
Shopping for a Savior
Ode To 37
Back to Life
The Brave Don’t Run
Rabbit River Blues/From the Otherside
Welcome To My Head (Bonus Track)
On My Knees (Bonus Track)

Mitch Arnold (vocals)
Phillip Vilenski (guitars)
Dean Pizzazz (bass)
Nigel Dupree (drums)

Album: Rinse & Repeat
Label: Mighty Loud/InGrooves
Genre: Rock
Release: September 22, 2017

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