Album Review: Trivium ‘The Sin and The Sentence’

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Album: The Sin and The Sentence
Label: Roadrunner Records
Genre: Metal

When I first heard the single “Betrayer”, I wasn’t convinced I was gonna like the new Trivium album. I think maybe it was the intro to the song that just kind of threw me off. They started out with this really manic tempo with drums and guitar then screaming vocals and then abruptly switched up and dropped the tempo and vocals then kept alternating back and forth throughout the remainder of the song. It was just kind of an awkward single for me.

I have to admit when I played the album for the first time I was kind of holding my breath after already hearing the single “Betrayer”, but the kick off song “The Sin And The Sentence” starts out with this great intro that kicks the album off with the tone that is clearly setting the listener up for something bigger to happen throughout the album. It has this really great build up that puts the listener on this insane musical journey. Building on a really slow tone intro, Trivium comes in softly and then boom without expecting it, it’s in your face. This is wonderful musical feast for all of your senses. And.. now having had the chance to listen to the entire album in sequence and “Betrayer” is not the first song leading off the album but a part of the story, it fits with the rest of the songs on the album and makes sense to me.

Having not heard the progression of the album in entirety, I probably would still have the same opinion that I was kind of confused by “Betrayer” but when you put it altogether with the entire the album and in the order they’ve got it, it works perfectly. The songs played out of order probably won’t sound right to a lot of listeners or as great as they do all together. If you play the songs in order they make sense and it’s this beautiful journey through the entire album. I can’t stress it enough to the readers to listen to the entire album, don’t just go to a streaming service and listen to one or two songs, but listen to the entire album from the first track, in order through to the last track because I think it will change your opinion of how the songs sound once you’ve heard them all fit together.

I’ve been told by many artists that they often place their songs on their albums in a specific order.  This is to tell a story or sometimes it is just the way that the arrangements make them sound when they all come together. So it is important for the listeners and the fans to actually listen to the entire album to get what the artists put together for you. And in this instance, I believe this album is meant to be listened to in sequential order.

Throughout ‘The Sin And The Sentence’ fans are going to get a lot of creative music writing, awesome deep lyrics and while listening your mind is going to be challenged by the different styles and it’s going to stretch your imagination on what music is supposed to be and what music can be. For me, I love the different styles of guitars, the solos, and the twin dueling guitars that they came up with. There are some really creative hooks and riffs that you’re certainly not going to get on a ton of other albums and it’s not necessarily stuff that’s been on previous Trivium works either. The vocals go in every direction on this album  too, from growls to melodic, they keep changing to keep your interest. You’re going to get some really heavy bass lines throughout this album that you will dig as well. I’m a fan of great bass playing and there are a few songs you are going hear deep, strong and aggressive bass lines throughout. The songs I really enjoyed the extra push of the bass in were “Other World”, “The Wretchedness Inside” and “The Revanchist”.

With “Beauty In The Sorrow” it changes up a little and starts off with this really nice guitar tone and the vocals have this distorted mix to them kind of like playing over an old radio with that distance or open space sound to it. That immediately pulled me into this track and had me interested in what else this song had added that I didn’t already hear in this album. Honestly, this is how I felt throughout each new song. So many elements to take your mind in so many different directions song after song.

The two songs on this album that I loved the most were “The Heart From Your Hate” and “The Wretchedness Inside”. Both songs have amazing music with tempos that are really awesome and I have to tell you that there is this particular lyric in “The Heart From Your Hate” that made me stop what I was doing. I mean seriously, “what will it take to rip the heart from your hate”. That stuck out to me and made me go back and listen to it again because that one line sums up so much of what’s going on in our world today and the craziness. I just thought it was just such a profound the lyric to find in the middle of one of their songs. Then having these amazing lyrics matched with the intensity of the vocals just makes it stick out to me. The lyrics and both of these songs just connected with me. And it’s like that throughout most of the album is well. These two songs were the ones that for me personally, just grabbed my complete attention between the amazing music, vocals and lyrics in them.

So what’s my verdict on ‘The Sin and The Sentence’ by Trivium? I think everyone needs to buy this album! It’s just great. It’s telling the listeners a story that they will hear as they keep listening and it’s got this undertone that people are going to connect with. I think listeners who love rock, metal, alternative or those just wanting to connect with something more profound, raw and real will find that in this new album. So get out there today and buy this album! Then stop by our Facebook Page and tell us what you like about the new album.

Make sure to catch Trivium later this month as they kick off their North American tour with Arch Enemy, While She Sleeps and Fit for an Autopsy on October 27th. Dates are below.


“The Sin And The Sentence”
“Beyond Oblivion”
“Other Worlds”
“The Heart From Your Hate”
“The Wretchedness Inside”
“Endless Night”
“Sever The Hand”
“Beauty In The Sorrow”
“The Revanchist”
“Thrown Into The Fire ”

With Arch Enemy, While She Sleeps & Fit for an Autopsy
10/27 — Orlando, FL — House of Blues
10/28 —Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade
10/29 — Charlotte, NC — The Fillmore
10/31 — Baltimore, MD — Soundstage
11/1 — Philadelphia, PA — The Trocadero Theater
11/3 — New York, NY — Playstation Theater
11/4 — Worcester, MA —The Palladium
11/5 — Montreal, QC— Metropolis
11/7 — Toronto, ON — The Danforth Music Hall
11/8 — Detroit, MI — Royal Oak Music Theatre
11/10 — Sioux City, IA — Anthem At Hard Rock
11/11 — Kansas City, MO — The Truman
11/12 — Chicago, IL — Concord Music Hall
11/14 — Minneapolis, MN — Skyway Theater
11/15 — Milwaukee, WI — The Rave
11/17 — Denver, CO — Summit Music Hall
11/18 — Salt Lake City, UT — The Complex
11/20 — Calgary, AB — The Palace Theatre
11/21 — Edmonton, AB — Union Hall
11/23 — Vancouver, BC — Vogue Theater
11/24 — Seattle, WA — Showbox Sodo
11/25 — Portland, OR — Roseland Theater
11/27 — Sacramento, CA — Ace of Spades
11/28 — San Francisco, CA — The Regency Ballroom
11/29 — Los Angeles, CA — The Wiltern
12/1 — Phoenix, AZ — Marquee Theater
12/2 — Albuquerque, NM — Sunshine Theater
12/4 — Dallas, TX — Gas Monkey Live
12/5 —San Antonio, TX — Alamo City Music Hall
12/6 — Houston, TX — Warehouse Live

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