Cattle Decapitation’s Inhuman Beings Tour Levels Seattle

October 17, 2017

Cattle Decapitation

This past Tuesday Cattle Decapitation performed along side Revocation, Full Of Hell, and Artificial Brain at Studio Seven.  This show had a stacked line up and boy oh boy did the fans who were there know it.

The show started off with a couple local opening bands.  First up was Transcribing The Necronomicon from Yelm, Washington.  The 4 piece death metal band drew in quite a crowd as the front of the stage began to fill in quick.  Following that set was Dismembering Mary.  The deathcore band from Olympia, Washington got a pretty crazy response as the floor turned into a mosh pit that was full of spin kicks and windmills.  This got the aggression of the show started early.  Both of these local bands are ones to watch out for.  They both are great live and help represent the Northwest metal scene in a great way.  If either of these two bands plays a show near you go check it out!

The first touring band for the evening was Artificial Brain.  With a very technical death metal sound the band quickly stirred up the crowd into a frenzy as the vocalist called for circle pit after circle pit.  The half hour set was filled with sheer intensity and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it.  Towards the end of their set during the song “Absorbing Black Ignition” you could really hear the east coast style slam sound which sent the crowd into a rampage.  Artificial Brain is a must see if you love technical death metal with a hint of slam.

Next up was Full Of Hell.  This was a band I was personally looking forward to seeing.  The band started their 40 minute set with a loud ringing off of the guitar and electronics.  Vocalist Dylan Walker immediately grabbed the mic and walked towards the center of the stage and started screaming as visceral and raw as you can get.  The energy that was being showcased was equally matched by the crowd.  The mosh pit turned into an almost free for all as bodies were being hurled every way possible.  Full Of Hell is a very accurate name for what this band brings to the table.  Their live show is one of the most intense performances I have ever seen.  If you are a fan of Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, or Anaal Nathrakh then you would love Full Of Hell.  If at any point you get a chance to see this band live I highly recommend doing so.

The next band up for the night was Revocation from Boston, Massachusetts.  With the crowd still rowdy from the last set, the floor filled up quickly and were chomping at the bit for the band to start.  The set started with a song off the new album.  The crowd reacted very well to the song and started headbanging and moshing around in an instant.  Even with a technical difficulty during the first song the band was able to overcome it and crush the rest of their 40 minute set.  Their performance came to a close with their hit song “Dismantle The Dictator” off of the record “Existence Is Futile”. Revocation is a band not to miss live.

Finally the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Cattle Decapitation.  With a big backdrop from the bands last album “The Anthropocene Extinction” the stage was set for a devastating performance.  The lights went out and the crowd started chanting “Cattle! Cattle!” at the top of their lungs.  The band started off their set with “The Carbon Stampede” and “Dead Set On Suicide” off of the bands 2012 release “Monolith Of Inhumanity”.  The stage antics of vocalist Travis Ryan during the songs made for quite a spectacle and the crowd loved every second of it.  The set was filled with many songs a lot of fans hadn’t heard in a while.  With that being said the set seemed very special for many people as the set seemed to span a lot of the bands earlier albums.  When the band played “We Are Horrible People” off of the bands 2009 release “The Harvest Floor” the audience lost it and it seemed like everyone was singing along.  One of the many highlights of the evening was when a couple got up on stage during the song “Kingdome Of Tyrants” and kissed onstage.  The crowd and the band seemed to be excited to see that happen.  Travis gave the two a hug and had them stage dive off back into the roaring mosh pit.  The band ended their ferocious set with the song “Your Disposal”.  Cattle Decapitation certainly know how to put on a show that keeps the fans excited for each song.  If you haven’t got to see this band live before you are truly missing out on one of the best death metal performances.  If they are playing a city near you make sure to be there.  They will not disappoint you.

Cattle Decapitation Setlist:
The Carbon Stampede
Dead Set On Suicide
The Prophets Of Loss
A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat
Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot)
We Are Horrible People
Mutual Assured Destruction
Not Suitable For Life
Apex Blasphemy
Regret And The Grave
Forged Gender Reassignment
The Monolith (Travis Ryan performs)
Kingdom Of Tyrants
Manufactured Extinct
Pacific Grim
Your Disposal


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