Album Review: Left Behind ‘Blessed By The Burn’

Available October 27th via Unbeaten Records

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Left Behind
Album: Blessed By the Burn
Label: Unbeaten Records
Genre: Metal/Hardcore
Release Date: October 27 2017

Left Behind has had a busy year this year.  They recorded their new album ‘Blessed By the Burn’ that is releasing tomorrow, October 27th. Plus, they just completed tours with Kublai Khan in September and then Terror this month. Anyone who knows these bands they just toured with will instantly recognize that these guys have to be pretty heavy.

‘Blessed By the Burn’ starts out with a heavy, slow tempo with ever present meaty bass riffs followed with growling vocals that carry you through the first two tracks “West By God” and “Sweetness of Nothing”.  The grinding, dragging style of the guitars switches up as they lead you in “Focus on the Flesh” where the tempo of the song kicks up with throbbing bass and almost squealing guitar riffs that drop down as they blend in tempo with the drums and vocals half way through the track when the tempo drops dramatically and the gutturals pick up.

As Left Behind transitions into “Tough Love” I found myself thinking instrumentally of many veteran hardcore thrashers, but lyrically not so much.  The lyrics throughout ‘Blessed By the Burn’  are at times dark, angry and at other times just talking about life but sound angry as ever… Left Behind did a great job with the hardcore vocals on this album.

The next couple of tracks follow along with the same feel and intensity as the begging of the album until you get to “Scarred Soul” and the tempo has more of a groove in it that you will pick up on, even in the vocals its noticeable.  I was really digging the feel of this one and that feeling carried over into the next track “Early Mourning”, this track started out with a grooving upbeat tempo then pulled a switch up and slowed down part way through with dragging guitars back in the mix, but just as I got comfortable in the tempo they picked up again.  This was a repeated effect throughout this track.

The remaining tracks on the album are heavy and hardcore which will give fans of this genre a lot to chew on.  I think if you are looking for something truthful and authentic, this is the album for you.  Once you put it on you are going to want to listen to it a few times over to pick up on everything going on through each track.  Great effort by Left Behind! Pick up a copy via Unbeaten Records tomorrow!


West By God
Sweetness of Nothing
Focus on the Flesh
Tough Love
Twenty Four
Blessed By the Burn
Scarred Soul
Early Mourning
Burn Out

Left Behind are:

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