Album Review: Winds Of Plague ‘Blood Of My Enemy’

Available October 27th via eOne Music / Good Fight Music

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Winds of Plague
Album: Blood Of My Enemy
Label: eOne Music / Good Fight Music
Genre: Metal
Release Date: October 27, 2017

Winds of Plague have come back swinging with their newest release ‘Blood Of My Enemy’. Their 5th studio album is packed full intense hardcore metal and growling vocals with a cool infusion of symphonic undertones.

As I took my first listen to this album I heard elements from so many of the bands I have listened from around the world over the last 15 years all blended into this one album.

The album kicks off with an instrumental intro on “New Day” that helps build the anticipation for the listener of what is about to be unleashed upon them. Then as quickly the intro ends, the full intensity of the album is split wide open as “Nameless Walker” begins and the listener is blasted with heavy, angry metal.  The full assault continues straight into “Kings Of Carnage” and through “Soul Eater”.  Demanding deep bass, manic guitars, pounding drum beats and heavy keyboards all blended with aggressive growling vocals are sure to pull listeners in and incite the aggression within.

The sound changes to a bit more symphonic by track 5 “From Failure, Comes Clarity” where heavy keyboards are very present throughout the song.  Met with growling vocals and instrumentals that remind a bit of In Flames throughout the song, especially at the chorus of the song.  There is a minor amount of female vocals added into this track that work with the style of this song.

The song that I didn’t really care for on this album was the title track “Blood Of My Enemy”.  I like everything about it but the addition of the female vocals.  To me it through the song off.  Here you have this album stacked full of really great tracks and then this the chorus on this song is thrown off with the additional vocals.  In my opinion, it took a great song and made it mediocre and lost my interest in it.  I hit skip to the next track, it just didn’t work for me.

Up next was “Snakeskin” which went right into this uptempo beat that lifted the album back up and just lifted the album to the next level of greatness.  Full of rapid fire guitar riffs, precision percussion, heavy bass, symphonic keyboard track and killer vocals matched with cool backups to the chorus, this was one of the better tracks on the album.

“Never Alone” followed with demonic growls and intense drumming that is clearly different from many of the tracks on the album.  This pulls down the symphonic tone a bit and makes the album more hardcore and dark. This track in a live show will be the one that stirs any pit and to keep it going, “5150”.  This next track will keep intensity levels up, especially when it slows into an almost dragging tempo then opens into a fury that will have fans exploding.

The next two tracks “Either Way You Lose” and “A Walk Among The Dead” keep up the pace and move in between symphonic and straight up hardcore metal through out as they lead into the last track of the album “Dark Waters”.  This final track starts out with an almost Turkish, yet dark inspired instrumental intro as it leads into full force hardcore to completely crush the listener until the last note. Symphonic keyboards are heavy on this track and the tempo and intensity actually reminded me of a mix Powerman5000 and a bit of old school Adema in some of the chords I heard throughout the song. Great way to wrap up the album.

Winds of Plague ‘Blood Of My Enemy’ is out October 27th. Make sure to grab your copy and get aggressive!

A New Day
Nameless Walker
Kings Of Carnage
Soul Eater
From Failure, Comes Clarity
Blood Of My Enemy
Never Alone
Either Way You Lose
A Walk Among The Dead
Dark Waters

Winds of Plague are:
Johnny Plague – Vocals
Adrienne Cowan – Keyboards
Michael Montoya – Guitar
Justin Bock – Bass
Art Cruz – Drums

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