Darick Parson (Soulicit, Far From Gone, Darick Mikel) has written, recorded and partnered with Billy Grahaman’s Samaritan’s Purse for the song“Facing Mountains”  to 100% benefit the Hurricane Victims that .


“Facing Mountains” is a song inspired by great faith in the midst of hard times.


Darick said “It is a song for broken people living in a broken world facing seemingly insurmountable mountains and storms of many kinds. This song was inspired by the tragic devastation left by hurricanes Irma and Harvey and the amazing men and women who rushed in to help without a second thought. This is a song about the tenacity and the diligence of all of those affected by the storms. This song was inspired by a beautiful little girl, Re’Ana Mekaeil, and her amazing story of life and faith and the example that she set for many of us through the way she lived out her faith in her brief time here on earth. But, on an even larger scale, this song was inspired by you and me. This is a song for all of us who struggle in the midst of our sin, our hurt, our guilt and our shame. My highest hope for this song is that it might serve as a beacon of light in an often darkened world that reminds us that that no matter where we are, we can always call on the name of the Lord. He doesn’t want you to wait for the sun to shine once again; he wants to meet you right there in the midst of your storm. He wants to meet you right there at the base of that mountain. In Matthew 11:28 of the NIV Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Facing Mountains is a song inspired by the words of the One who paid it all so that we would never have to.”


Thermal Entertainment are very proud to be part of this project, Kyle Favors (CEO) says “Amazing song, for a more amazing cause.  All the people involved from production, distribution to video, press have donated their time and money to put this song out to the public.”


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