Album Review: TERMINAL FUNCTION ‘Krakstören (EP)’

Available Now via Stupid Dream Records

Photo by Justin Rubin
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Album (EP): Krakstören
Label: Stupid Dream Records
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: October 27, 2017

Terminal Function has gone smaller with this new release, a 3 track EP. On this EP they decided to focus on going a bit more hardcore and while keeping the release in a short burst instead of doing a full LP release.

As I listened to this EP, I noticed not only does their sound have a strong death metal sound, it also leans into progressive metal during the first track “Chiral Ghost”.  Whether Terminal Function planned or even noticed it, the final mix produced a bit of prog-metal.

The second track “A Sociopath’s Delusion” is more traditional death metal but some of the guitar’s still have a progressive sound to their riffs.  The vocals are angry screams and gutturals throughout.  Timing through the track is a times odd, while at others, manic.

The last track on this EP is “Axis Gone”.  It is a solid death metal track with heavy drumming, manic guitars with at times odd timing and screaming vocals.  Good way to finish off this short EP. It will leave listeners asking for more music.

This EP is out today, so check it out for yourself!

01. Chiral Ghost
02. A Sociopath’s Delusion
03. Axis Gone

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Soundfraction Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

Victor Larsson – vocals
Mikael Almgren – guitars
Stefan Aronsson – guitars
David Lindkvist – drums

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