Butcher Babies Bring ‘Lilith’ to Seattle’s Showbox SODO

October 31, 2017 - Showbox SODO, Seattle

Photo by Trevor Foyston
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What do you get when you cross The Village People with heavy metal and inflatable raft races through the crowd? If you said the Butcher Babies Halloween show in Seattle you would be correct. The Butcher Babies took over the stage to promote their latest album ‘Lilith’ of which they played eight of the 11 songs along with “Monsters Ball” and “Butcher” from their earlier albums.

The band came onto the stage dressed in costumes as The Village People. Heidi Shepherd was the Construction worker, Carla Harvey was the Cop, Henry Flury was the Biker, Jason Klein was the Indian Chief, and Chase Brickenden was the Cowboy. They brought their normal high energy show with a ton of action and movement that cost Carly part of her costume in the second song when her mustache fell off and Heidi asked “You had to shave already?”

Heidi got in the pit and gave some love to the fans in front while she sang with them. Surprisingly, there were no crowd surfers while they played. Heidi did get a very large circle pit going during “Korova”. As the show was wrapping up, Carla toasted the crowd and then the ladies had a race in inflatable rafts to the sound board and back. Heidi won this race and I will now have to do some searching to see what the record is for tour “crowd rafting” champion!

The 45 minute set wrapped up and the band ran through the crowd to get to their merchandise booth to take photos, sign autographs and share stories with the fans. A group of 15 VIP fans were able to attend a special pizza party and joined the band on their tour bus for more after show shenanigans. It was another rad showing by this LA band and it sets the tone for the ‘Lilith’ tour. ‘Lilith’ is an amazing 4th album from this very talented band! Check out ‘Lilith’ and all the rest of the Butcher Babies library of music on your music outlet of choice!

Review and photos by Trevor Foyston.
Show Photos Copyright by Trevor Foyston, no use without his consent.

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