Album Review: Like Moths To Flames ‘Dark Divine’

Available today via Rise Records

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Like Moths To Flames
Album: Dark Divine
Label: Rise Records
Genre: Metal
Release Date: November 3, 2017

From the opening song “New Plagues”, Like Moths To Flames have created a stunning album packed full of great music and killer vocals that are mixed between clean and screaming vocals that will please all of the fans.

A few of the songs such as “Nowhere Left to Sink” have larger than life musical intros, that permeate the songs. It’s a really cool contrast to have in between some of the other songs that aren’t as big.

The title track song “Dark Divine” it’s self has this really cool abstract style of arrangement that is almost kind of has a bit more prog-metal kind of thing going on but not really prog-metal. It takes the listener into a different musical space that is going to intrigue them and make them wonder what made the band decide on the style of arrangement for this this track. Then just as quickly the vocals and music go completely wide open as the track shifts into a bold, large track. Great song!

With some of the other tracks like “Empty the Same”, there’s this airy yet deeply wounded feel in the song that you can feel in the music. With lyrics like “I know I feel like I just left you to die”, fans who have been through something bad in life or are just going through a place in life that doesn’t feel like it’s working, they are going to connect with the song. No matter the real meaning behind the lyrics it’s a song that people can interpret into their own space and sing along to release whatever it is they’re feeling. What’s missing in this specific track that might make fans scratch their heads is the screams.  This is one of the tracks with the cleanest vocals, but not completely passive, on the album.  I personally enjoyed hearing something a bit different.

The band also did a really good job with the vocals by having these really cool clean and serious contrasting screaming vocals that it times were very soft, subtle and even vulnerable and then it would switch to this angry, tortured tone that you don’t get as much of in today’s music. They also tied the music in with harmonizing tones that go between the vocals and the music where you’re finding this really blended style that it any moment throughout a song can lift the song or pull it down to make it really dark.  This is something I feel fans are going to really appreciate.

I couldn’t find a track on this album that I didn’t enjoy.  I think it’s solid creative piece that let the band do what they are so go at, make music they enjoy!  I really loved with the band did with this album, it’s fresh, it’s gonna grab your attention, it’s gonna make you listen deeply to the album to see what they’ve done this time around.

‘Dark Divine’ is out now, so grab your copy today! Like Moths To Flames kicks of their North American tour tonight in St. Louis, MO.  Make sure to check out their tour dates and get out and support them live!

“New Plagues”
“Nowhere Left to Sink”
“Shallow Truths for Shallow Minds”
“Dark Divine”
“Empty the Same”
“From The Dust Returned”
“Even God Has a Hell”
“Mischief Managed”
“Instinctive Intuition”
“The Skeletons I Keep”
“False Idol”

Chris Roetter —Vocals
Jeremy Smith — Guitars
Zach Pishney — Guitars
Aaron Evans — Bass
Greg Diamond — Drums

11/9 — St. Louis, MO — Fubar
11/10 — St. Paul, MN — Amsterdam Bar & Hall
11/11 — Chicago, IL — Beat Kitchen
11/12 — Milwaukee, WI — The Rave II
11/14 — Columbus, OH — Park Street Saloon
11/15 — Detroit, MI — The Shelter
11/16 — Pittsburgh, PA — Rex Theater
11/17 — Toronto, ON — Hard Luck
11/18 — Montreal, QC — La Tulipe
11/19 — Worcester, MA — The Palladium
11/20 — Baltimore, MD — Baltimore Sound Stage
11/21 — Philadelphia, PA — Voltage Lounge
11/22 — New York, NY — The Gramercy
11/24 — Freehold, NJ — GameChangerWorld
11/25 — Richmond, VA — The Canal Club
11/26 — Greensboro, NC — Arizona Pete’s
11/27 — Nashville, TN — Rocketown
11/28 — Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade
11/29 — Orlando, FL — Backbooth
12/1 — Houston, TX — Scout Bar
12/2 — San Antonio, TX — Paper Tiger
12/4 — Phoenix, AZ — Joe Grotto’s
12/5 — San Diego, CA — SOMA
12/6 — Anaheim, CA — Chain Reaction
12/7 — Los Angeles, CA — The Roxy
12/8 — Sacramento, CA — Holy Diver
12/9 — Portland, OR — Hawthorne Theatre
12/10 — Seattle, WA — Studio Seven
12/12 — Salt Lake City, UT — The Complex
12/13 — Denver, CO — Marquis Theater
12/15 — Lawrence, KS — The Bottleneck
12/16 — Dallas, TX — Trees

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