Album Review: Polaris ‘The Mortal Coil’

Available Now via Sharptone Records

Album: The Mortal Coil
Label: SharpTone
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date November 3, 2017

Polaris has released an aggressive album with ‘The Mortal Coil’.  It’s heavy, angry and great! Make room bands, Polaris is taking their spot in the metalcore scene now!

What you are going to get on this album is killer music and great clean and screaming vocals.  The bass riffs on this album are seriously heavy, forceful and stand out, something I am always hoping to find in a new metal release!  Pair the bass with the pounding and explosive drums beats and damn they have lifted the intensity of the album.  That alone had me thrilled but then add the intense guitar riffs matched with the same intensity in vocals, it just makes this album worth listening to.  So many great things are going on throughout this album and I am not quite sure how they put it all together but I am so glad they did.  Polaris has provided a release that is definitely worthy of their fans admiration and will certainly bring new listeners to them. If you’ve yet to hear of them, wake up, it’s time to meet Polaris!

As I listened to track after track on ‘The Mortal Coil’ I kept thinking who the hell are these guys and how am I just now hearing of them?  I mean they are this good and I’ve not heard them before? Maybe being from Australia plays a bit into why I’ve not met their music yet, which got me thinking many others may not know them just yet, but should. This album is solid from track to track and does not gives pause on the intensity until the 6th track “In Somnus Veritas” when the tempo slows down and stays that way through the next track “Dusk to Day”.  By the 8th track “Casualty” it’s back to manic insanity. Just watch their video above for “Lucid” which is such an insane track, then apply that intensity to almost the entire album and yea, you have an idea of what you are going to get when you listen to the ‘The Mortal Coil’.

Just when I started to think that 2017’s best releases had been put out already, Polaris sneaks in and says “Wait a second….” What a great new release.  Metalcore fans, this album is going to make you celebrate!  Get out there and get this album and support this band!  These guys are going to be huge and you want to be a part of this!

1. “Lucid”
2. “The Remedy”
3. “Relapse”
4. “Consume”
5. “Frailty”
6.” In Somnus Veritas”
7. “Dusk to Day”
8. “Casualty”
9. “The Slow Decay”
10. “Crooked Path”
11. “Sonder”

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