Children of Bodom Brings ’20 Years Down and Dirty Tour’ to Seattle

November 7, 2017 - El Corazon, Seattle, WA

Children of Bodom
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This past Tuesday Children of Bodom played to a sold out crowd at El Corazon in Seattle.  The band is currently on their 20 Years Down and Dirty Tour’ tour celebrating their 20 years as a band.  The set was very special as they only played songs from 1997-2003.

First band up for the night was Uncured from New York.  The four member progressive death metal band came out ready to tear the venue to shreds with their song “Dilate”.  The crowd reacted very well as a lot of people started head banging along to the rhythm.  The band was able to capture the audiences attention with ripping guitar solos and jazz like bass.  Uncured is definitely a band to check out on album and live.

Next up was Lost Society from Finland.  The four piece thrash metal band brought a classic thrash metal style sound with their song “Tyrant Takeover”.  The fast paced riffs quickly caused for a circle pit to open up.  The bands half hour set was filled with a huge amount of energy and old school shredding.  The band got the audience riled up with their final song “Riot” off of their album ‘Braindead’. The audience started chanting “Riot!” along with vocalist Samy Elbanna.  If these guys announce that they are playing a town near you make sure to go.

Following that set was Carach Angren from the Netherlands.  The band played creepy sounding intro music over the speakers while the stage got set up for their performance.  As soon as the lights went out the intro music stopped and the band walked out and immediately started to play “Charlie” off of their most recent album ‘Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten’.  The bands almost hour long set was filled with fan favorites such as “The Carriage Wheel Murder”,  “When Crows Tick On Windows” and many others.  Vocalist Dennis Drommers pulled out a of couple costume pieces to wear for some of the songs during the set.  This just added on to the atmosphere that this band is able to create through their music.  During the last song “Three Times Thunder Strikes”, Dennis called for a circle pit and told the audience he wanted to feel their hate.  As the audience cheered at the end of the song, all of the members stood at up with their horns raised and thanked Seattle for a great night.  If you have not had the chance to see this band perform live, it is a spectacle like no other.  If you can catch them live you will not be disappointed.

Finally the moment the sold out crowd had been waiting for, Children of Bodom was about to hit the stage for a special performance.  The lights went out and the audience erupted into a loud roar as the band walked out and started off their set with “Deadnight Warrior” off of their 1997 album Something Wild’.  The band quickly went in to “In the Shadows” off of the same album.  Vocalist and main guitarist Alexi Laiho talked to the crowd after the song was finished and thanked everyone for coming out to the show and what the tour means to them as a band.  After that he asked the crowd if they were ready for some more rock and roll, to which the audience yelled in excitement as  “Needled 24/7”  came blaring over the speakers.  The hour long set was full of fan favorites like “Lake Bodom”,  “Hate Me!”,  “Downfall”  and “Hate Crew Deathroll”.  The performance came to an end with “Towards Dead End” off of the album ‘Hatebreeder’.  If you haven’t been able to see this band play live before you are truly missing out.  These guys know how to put on a show and they are a must see act for any extreme metal fan.

Children of Bodom Setlist:
Deadnight Warrior
In The Shadows
Needled 24/7
Lake Bodom
Hate Me!
Red Light in My Eyes, Part 2
Every Time I Die
Hate Crew Deathroll
Bed of Razors
Children of Bodom
The Nail
Towards Dead End

Review/Photos by: Patrick Burt

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