Gwar Leaves A Bloody Mess In Seattle

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This past Wednesday alien overlords Gwar invaded Seattle’s Showbox SODO.  The band is currently on tour supporting their latest album The Blood Of Gods’Touring alongside them are Ghoul, He Is Legend and U.S. Bastards.

First up for the evening was U.S. Bastards from Richmond, Virginia.  The band is a side project of Brent Purgason‘s, who plays in Gwar as Pusutlus Maximus.  The three piece punk band came out ripping and roaring with a high energy live show.  Brent was able to work the audience and make them laugh as the band tore through their half hour set.  If you are able to catch these guys play sometime I suggest doing so.  They know how to rock.

Next up was He Is Legend.  The rock band from Wilmington, North Carolina quickly got the audience moving.  Vocalist Schuylar Croom yelled out about how happy he was to be playing at The Showbox SODO because the band had only ever played El Corazon in Seattle.  The bands style was very southern rock influenced and the crowd felt it with the groove of the drums and guitar.  The bands half hour set was a rocking good time and the audience loved it.

The third band of the night was Ghoul.  The thrash band from Oakland, California is known for their lives shows.  It is no surprise to see these guys on a bill with Gwar.  The band went straight into playing their song “Ghoulnatics”.  While that was being played one of their props was squirting out fake blood all over the audience causing the crowd to go insane.  The crowd was bloodthirsty and Ghoul was not going to disappoint their fans as the audience kept getting covered.  One of the highlights of the set was when the band played their song “Wall of Death” and the audience split in two and ran right at each other as soon as the vocalist told them to go.  The 40 minute set came to a close a close with ‘Abominox‘ off of the bands 2016 album Dungeon Bastards’If you haven’t had the chance to see Ghoul live yet, I would suggest doing so whenever the band plays a city near you.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, the legendary Gwar was about to play!  When the lights went out, two monitors that were a part of the stage setup lit up with the words “Gwar, The Blood of Gods”. An intro describing what was going on in the world of Gwar was being played over the speakers as two solider props came out and started talking to each other.  Quickly the band started playing the first song on the new album War On Gwar’.  A big fight broke out between vocalist Blothar and the soldiers as the song went on.  When the song ended the soldiers had lost the fight to Blothar and were executed as the band broke in to playing “Hail, Genocide!'”  The soldier props started shooting fake blood all over the audience and the crowd went crazy for it.  A lot of the audience members were wearing white shirts that were now being stained red as the evening went on.  The earlier part of the set consisted of a lot of newer songs off of the bands latest release The Blood of Gods’, while later on the audience got to hear some classics such as “Saddam a go-go”, “Womb With A View”, ‘”Bring Back The Bomb” and “Black and Huge”.  The hour and a half long set came to a close with a cover of AC/DC hit song “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)”.  With the crowd completely dyed red, the band walked off stage to go conquer and slay another city.  Gwar shows are hard to put into words.  If you haven’t got to see this band live yet, make sure you do when they come to a city near you.  Not only is the music good, these guys are showman on top of that. Gwar is Truly an experience unlike anything else.

Gwar Setlist:
Hail, Genocide!
I’ll Be Your Monster
Death To Dickie Duncan
Saddam A Go-Go
Womb With A View
Crushed By The Cross
Viking Death Machine
Bring Back The Bomb
El Presidente
Black And Huge
The Sordid Soliloquy of Sawborg Destructo
The Morality Squad
Fuck This Place
Phantom Limb
If You Want Blood (You’ve Got it)

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