Chon Performs at The Fillmore

November 16, 2017 - The Fillmore - Silver Spring, MD

Chon Performs at The Fillmore

Chon Performs at The Fillmore – Chon is one of those bands that just comes out of nowhere, and hits you with a barrage of talent that is uniquely and perfectly cohesive amongst each instrument and band member. One of the things that makes them stand out, other than the obvious (that they’re an instrumental band), is the fact that even though they play, what I dare call “progressive metal” (and now that I think about it…would they even be called metal? I don’t even know anymore)….but they play this way, with very little distorted guitar. Very jazzy, with intricate chords and finger plucking, polyrhythms, and lightning quick fingers, Chon puts on a display of phenomenal guitar work. I only wish I could play like that. There were times that I was just grinning ear to ear. The drumming and bass work is also outstanding.

With soothing blue lights, and palm trees with Christmas lights adorning them, on either side of the stage, the Cali boys comin’ straight from San Diego, Chon, came out on stage to a packed house. Opening the show with “Checkpoint”, a song from their latest album “Homey”, the bar was set extremely high, and they certainly did not disappoint. Chon is extremely tight and well rehearsed. You kind of have to be to play the sort of parts they play. At times, both guitar players will be alternating riff extremely quickly, creating a “Ping Pong” effect. As fun as the show was to shoot…after the first three songs, I stepped back to enjoy the rest of the show, and it seemed to just fly by. Their set was just way too short. On one of the new songs they performed, I found myself smiling, and actually exclaimed out loud, “Jesus!”, during one of the solos by guitarist Erik Hansel.

There were crowd surfers, and crowd participation with a slew of “woooooo’s”, in sync with parts of certain songs. This band may not be on the forefront of everyone’s mind just yet…but I was pleased to see that there were certainly a lot of people whole were very familiar with their work. If you are into any sort of progressive metal, i.e; Animals as Leaders (Tosin is who actually turned me on to these guys a few years ago), Periphery, Scale the Summit, or any sort of music along those lines, you should absolutely check these guys out, and go see them whenever they come back around! I know I cant wait to see them again.

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