Ten Two Announces January 5th Release Date for ‘Forth’

Ten Two
Photo by Ramses Ochoa
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For Johnny B., moving forward remains the one true method of growing, and that is exactly what he’s doing by beginning his new musical project.

Having spent the larger part of the last decade as the frontman of alternative rock band Still The Sky’s Limit, Johnny B. recently made the decision to embark on a new journey and venture out on his own under the moniker Ten Two, a pseudonym that comes from his initials—”Ten” being “J” and “Two” being “B.”

Ten Two began simply as a voice, an acoustic guitar, and a bevy of songs that, by the spring of 2016, became a demo recording aptly titled “X II.” Following a solo tour throughout the U.S., he relocated 3,000 miles across the country from his home in Orange County, California to Orlando, Florida in order to take his solo career to the next level.

JB focuses not on what could have been, but instead choosing to focus on the future—all that is and can be. It’s this mantra that he channels into his upcoming solo debut release Forth. Encompassing the loud, the calm, and everything in between, it is a two-sided album through which he explores a unique musical and emotional duality by juxtaposing his alt-rock past with his present as a budding acoustic singer/songwriter.

Carrying the knowledge that the only way to keep trekking is to look to the future, JB delves into his personal journey of continuing onward on Forth while telling tales of the human condition. Grasping the past while at the same time reaching for the future, it marks Johnny B.’s first major step in carving a new path for himself in the industry under his new moniker.

Forth is slated for release on January 5th, 2018.

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