Fit For A King, In Hearts Wake, Like Moths To Flames and Phinehas Hit Seattle

December 10, 2017 - Studio Seven, Seattle

Fit For A King
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The Fit For A King, In Hearts Wake, Like Moths To Flames and Phinehas tour finally made its way to Seattle and what an amazing show! The bands put on such an intense show you never would have known Seattle was one of the last stops on this tour. I have to say, this tour was possibly one of the best I’ve seen this year and I see a ton of shows. I expected a good show with this lineup, but it they exceeded that expectation from the moment the show started through to the end. Such an intense level of energy from the bands and the fans.

So here’s the run down on how this evening went. The night started out with local support from Follow The Lights from Seattle.  They kicked the night off and set got the crowd warmed up for what was set to be one very intense night of music!

First up for the touring bands was Phinehas. This band from Los Angeles hit the stage ready to rage with the audience and the crowd went manic. As the pit opened up the room gave way as fans tried to get out of the mosh zone. The guys put on a great set and fans enjoyed every minute of it. Phinehas has been out on tour in support of their ‘Dark Flag’ release on Solid State Records. Phineas is: Sean McCulloch – Vocals, Daniel Gailey – Guitar, Bryce Kelley – Bass and Lee Humerian – Drums. Catch these guys next time they hit the road, you will get one hell of a show!

Next in the lineup were Columbus, Ohio natives Like Moths To Flames who recently released ‘Dark Divine’ on Rise Records, which is one hell of a crazy new album! If you haven’t listened to it yet, get on it! Such a great album! LMTF had the crowd going crazy as soon as they began to perform. Fans fed off the energy that was left from Phinehas’ set and took it to another level during LMTF set. Once again the pit was alive and there were bodies flying every direction. There was so much energy in the venue that you could feel it. The guys put on a great set! Definitely hunt them down one their next tour! Like Moths To Flames is: Chris Roetter – Vocals, Jeremy Smith – Guitar, Aaron Evans – Bass and Greg Diamond – Drums.

In Hearts Wake was third on the tour lineup and wow! I didn’t think the room could have anymore energy than what I had already seen throughout the evening, but oh how wrong I was! I’d been looking forward to seeing these Aussies for some time, we don’t get them too often in Seattle so fans definitely knew they needed to be there to see them. Earlier in the day a group of fans met up with the band to do a local environmental clean up and had some time to hang out with the band away from the venue. In Hearts Wake does these events all along their tour and I think that’s something really special about these guys and how they want to leave things better than when they arrived. Seriously a cool bunch of guys! They did save plenty of energy for their set too! Massive, aggressive pits had been opening up all night, tons of crowd surfers hitting the stage and stage diving all throughout the night as well, but most notably was during In Hearts Wake’s set when vocalist Jake Taylor told the audience he wanted to see as many crowd surfers as possible during their set. With that request, the crowd went insane and bodies were going every direction! Jake also took part in the crowd surfing but with a raft that the fans moved him around the venue on. The energy level was just so over the top, I can say for sure the guys left it all on the stage! In Hearts Wake has been out on tour in support of their release ‘Ark’ on UNFD. If you missed them this tour, make a point to catch them next time they are out our way! In Hearts Wake is: Jake Taylor – Vocals, Ben Nairne – Guitar, Eaven Dall – Guitar, Kyle Erich – Bass and Conor Ward – Drums.

The final band for the night, Fit For A King. They’ve been out on tour in support of their 2016 ‘Deathgrip’ release on Solid State Records. These Dallas, Texas fellas laid waste to the audience who’d been giving their all, all night long. I honestly don’t know where the energy kept coming from during this show. Fans were so hyped up all night and to make it to Fit For A King and still have that level of energy remaining was so intense to witness. Fit For A King made sure to drain every last drop of energy out of the audience before they were through! They put on an intense set. If you’ve never been out to one of their shows before, you need to get out to see them. The entire evening was just killer. The absolute perfect tour lineup and some really amazing music! Fit For A King is: Ryan Kirby – Vocals, Bobby Lynge – Guitar, Jared Easterling – Drums and Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary – Bass/Vocals.

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Photos and Review by Diane Webb

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