Sweden Rock Festival 2018 Lineup Announcements, Festival Changes and Shocking Ticket Sales!

Sweden Rock Festival 2018
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As all of you readers know, YesterdazeNews really digs Sweden Rock Festival!  We’ve enjoyed this festival for many years now and have watched it grow year by year as we’ve been there.  Now it looks as if 2018 is set to be one of the biggest years so far for SRF! Check out our 2017 Festival Coverage here.

With the announcement earlier this year that Sweden Rock Festival joined into partnership with Live Nation no one outside of Sweden Rock Festival and Live Nation knew what to expect.  The 2017 festival was relatively untouched by the new venture. Yet, fans have been bracing themselves for the changes as the 2018 festival takes shape and changes they’ve started to see.

The first most noteworthy change that fans noticed, lineup announcements!  For years fans have been begging the festival to book Iron Maiden but it has never happened, that is until now! Iron Maiden was announced as a headliner for the 2018 festival and fans went crazy over the news.  Along with Iron Maiden, the highly sought after Helloween “Pumpkins United Tour”, Ozzy Osbourne (with Zakk Wylde). Judas Priest was also announced, along with many other great bands. See the current lineup as of December 20th below.

The next notable change fans learned of, a new beverage partner.  Sweden Rock Festival now has new partnership with Falcon beverage vendor.  This will bring Staropramen, Brooklyn Brewery, Somersby, Pepsi MaxRamlösa, Zingo, and 7 UP to the 2018 festival.

Next change, ticket agencies.  This is one of the things I thought and hoped would change with the festival seeing how Live Nation and Ticketmaster are joined at the hip across the USA.  For years Tickster has been the choice agency for Sweden Rock Festival which had it’s pros and cons.  The biggest pro being that it was very accessible and easy for local Swedes to purchase tickets from the agency.  The biggest con, it was difficult for fans outside of Scandinavia to purchase their tickets through them.  For all the years I’ve personally attended, I never once, have been able to use any of my credit cards to purchase my ticket online through the Tickster.  I’ve never had any issues anywhere across Europe using any of my credit cards, but it was always an issue each year with them. I always had to call or email to make a reservation to hold my ticket so I could make an international bank wire transfer.

The transactions took weeks to complete and once had my transfer completed to be told they never got my money but after a lengthy bank investigation my ticket was finally released as it was proven my money had been in their possession and the transfer had been completed months prior.  That was the one part of Sweden Rock Festival I personally dreaded each year, making my ticket purchase.  This year that all changed when it was announced that tickets were being sold through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster, as we all know comes with it’s own set of pros and cons too, it’s inevitable. But one thing, they allow almost all major credit cards from around the world on their site.

What wasn’t expected, the rush from fans to purchase their tickets!  Never before has Sweden Rock Festival experienced such excitement from fans to purchase tickets right away.  In past years there have been 3 and 4 day tickets available for a month or so after release. Sometimes even up until about January or February after the initial ticket release (tickets usually release between October and December).  So this year, it was the perfect storm!  Due to the killer early lineup announcements and change in ticket agencies allowing the thousands of worldwide fans easier transactions, the 2018 Sweden Rock Festival tickets sold out in 1 week.

Tickets went on sale November 24th at 9am local Sweden time and by 9:03am fans were online saying the special limited 4 day tickets that include a limited edition festival t-shirt had sold out. Next up, regular 4 day ticket were sold out.  Exactly one week later all 3 day tickets… gone.  To everyone’s surprise, tickets were sold out! This has left many yearly attending fans with no tickets.  Fans have been used to being able to take a little bit of time to make their ticket purchase so many didn’t think this year would be any different.

I must mention that a few crappy ticket resale agencies did manage to purchase a number of tickets. They sold them just as quickly to desperate fans for crazy prices.  So there are potentially some tickets still available through second party sites. Take caution, you could purchase a fake ticket through them. We’ve seen it happen numerous times in the USA from scam ticket agencies that take your money and produce fake tickets.

There is still hope for a few fans.  There are going to be a few 1 day tickets released on January 25, 2018 at 9:00 am Sweden time (Updated January 16, 2018). I don’t think there will be a large number of tickets but there will be a few at least. Fans can potentially still purchase a number of 1 day tickets to get access to up to 3 days of the festival (Thursday through Saturday).  So set your money aside now and be ready.

Tickets are sold through Ticketmaster.se not any other regional Ticketmaster site.  Make sure you head over to their site specifically and create an account with them before the next ticket release.  You will need an account on their site to purchase tickets.  If you do not read Swedish, they have an English option you can select at the top of their page.  Then when time comes to buy your tickets you only need be logged in before the ticket sales start. Then simply search for Sweden Rock Festival and make your ticket selections and check out.  Their site is a bit different than the USA or UK Ticketmaster sites so take a few moments to look around and familiarize yourself with their site setup.

So this is all the current news for Sweden Rock Festival 2018!  There are still 28 bands to be announced to the lineup and soon the band competition fan voting will start. This is where the fans get to vote in a few up and coming bands to perform at next years festival.  Keep an eye on our site and socials for announcements to come!

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