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AmmunitionIf you’re already familiar with the band Ammunition you need no introduction to who these guys are and you know what they are capable of musically!  But for those melodic rock fans just learning about the band Ammunition, let me give you a quick history on the band members before I dive into the bones of the album.

First up, vocalist Åge Sten Nilsen. I’ve always had an eclectic taste for many artists from the Scandinavian region so it was not surprising to me that I stumbled across Åge for the first time during his long run with Norwegian glam rock band Wig Wam. He’s an artist that has captivated me for many years with his great vocals, so to hear of him being part of the new project along with Erik Mårtensson (guitars, bass, programming, keys, backing vocals), who is known from his amazing work as part of W.E.T., Eclipse and Nordic Union with songwriting, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, producing and anything else he sets his mind to.  I knew just from these two alone that this was a new band to keep my eye on!  Wherever these guys are, they just make musical magic happen.

Joining the lineup on bass is Victor Cito Borge known for his time with TNT and Jack In The Box. On the keys is Lasse Finbråten from Circus Maximus (also ex-Wig Wam). On the drums, Magnus Ulfstedt who’s also well known for his time with Eclipse on bass, but also put in time on drums with them at one point as well. Last but not least, Jon Pettersen who rounds off this 6 member group on guitar. Bring them all together in Ammunition and it’s a melodic rock revival!

I had the chance to catch Ammunition live during their USA show back in October 2016 at Rock N Skull. This lineup puts on an entertaining live show like none other!  Lots of great musicianship between these guys, killer stage presence and tons of fun for the fans to enjoy.

I’ve been waiting for Ammunition to release a follow up to their 2015 album ‘SHANGHAIED’.  It was only a matter of time before a new album release was to follow and that time is now as Ammunition is set to release their second album, self titled ‘Ammunition’ on January 26th via Frontiers Music s.r.l.

This album consists of 11 tracks of melodic bliss for fans to fall in love with.  Melodic rock is something this band has completely captured on this album. As the band Ammunition, they did a great job in claiming their own unique sound that can just be referenced as Ammunition.  There’s not another band I would say they sound a lot like because it truly is their sound on this album.

The album kicks off as Åge belts out a long-held scream to some quick guitar work that leads you into “Time”, a song that will have you shaking your hips to the beat as your body finally catches up with the music and you’re humming along to the track. The momentum continues on into the second track “Freedom Finder” which is also the second single released off of  ‘Ammunition’ (see the video below).  The songs are singable with great harmonies throughout.  They’ve got catchy choruses that let fans start singing along quickly too. Having seen the guys perform before and listening to the full album I could visualize Åge performing these songs live.  He has this warm performance style that’s both sensual and magnetic at the same time that in front of a live audience is energizing and almost hypnotic.

As the album continues on listeners are brought to a funny track with “Virtual Reality Boy”.  Great music and entertaining lyrics, pay close attention to this one, I think it will be quite entertaining for many of you.  You will get a slow down once you get to “Eye For An Eye” but back into more uptempo rocking with “Tear Your City Down”, a song that I almost thought Joey Tempest from Europe was doing guest vocals on, but nope, Åge completely caught me off guard with his vocals on this track. Pretty awesome actually! The album will keep you rocking out and then turn things up a bit when you get to track 8 “Wrecking Crew” which was the first single released from the album, another that had me second guessing if Joey Tempest was actually singing! This song also placed second in the Norwegian ESC Finale (Melodi Grand Prix) back in March 2017.

The album wraps up with the final 3 tracks, “Miss Summertime” that slows down in a ballad then picks back up with “Bad Bones” that’s sassy and rocking.  The album ends on a rocking note with “Klondike”.  This final song on the album wraps the entire album experience up for fans with a gritty, melodic track that will keep fans moving until the last note.

Bravo Ammunition!  What a spectacular new album. You’ve given melodic rock music fans an album to rejoice over early in 2018!  Thanks for kicking the year off for all of us with such a masterful and enjoyable album!  My last thoughts for the music fans, BUY THIS ALBUM! You will thoroughly enjoy the full experience this album as unfolds in front of you track by track!

‘Ammunition’ Tracklisting:
01 Time
02 Freedom Finder
03 Virtual Reality Boy
04 Gung Ho (I Told You So)
05 Eye For An Eye
06 Tear Your City Down
07 Caveman
08 Wrecking Crew
09 Miss Summertime
10 Bad Bones
11 Klondike

Ammunition is:
Erik Mårtensson – guitars, bass, programming, keys, backing vocals
Victor Cito Borge – bass
Jon Pettersen – guitars
Lasse Finbrathen – keyboards
Åge Sten Nilsen – lead and backing vocals
Magnus Ulfstedt – drums

Album: Ammunition
Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Genre: Melodic Rock
Release Date: January 26, 2018

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