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I’ve been talking to you about the relatively new hard rock band Mile since I came across their single “Crying In Your Sleep” in December that is on their upcoming album ‘The World In Focus’ releasing this Friday, January 19th. I wanted to talk to the band and get to know who they are and what they are about. This past weekend I chat with Masken (aka Marcus, vocals) and Fredrik Palm (guitar), the founding members of Mile. What I found was a genuine musical connection that fans will enjoy and appreciate.  Readers, meet Mile.

Mile got their start in 2013 in a town about an hour north of Gothenburg, Sweden called Skövde. This musical collaboration began many years before the creation of Mile.  It started roughly 10 years ago when two friends, Masken and Fredrik, started putting their heads together and collaborating in their first musical project. They enlisted a few other musicians but ultimately, the project didn’t work the way they had hoped it would. Masken and Fredrik ended up parting ways with the other members then started their current project Mile.

In 2015 the band released their first album ‘Lost’. I’ve gone back and taken a listen to ‘Lost’ to see how Mile is evolving with their second album.  In comparison to their first album, this album has a more defined sound that I can easily say sounds like the band Mile. ‘Lost’ was a great first release, a little rough around the edges and not quite as defined as ‘The World In Focus’ is, but a solid release. I would definitely tell fans to check out the first album to get a full idea of their music (I’ve linked it below).

What does Mile want listeners to know about them? They want their current fans and new fans to be included in what they are doing with their music. Mile is a band that supports inclusion and bring people together. They want people to have fun at their shows. You won’t get any angry metal performances out of these guys, but they will make sure you feel the hate in songs like “Why Won’t You Die (Motherf***er)”. After all, it’s an intense song about hatred, they won’t do a fluffy performance so you can count on feeling the intensity. They also want to connect with you, so interact with them on their social media accounts. If you catch them live, come and say hello to them.

Speaking of live shows, the band is going to do some touring in 2018. They have a short tour in Brazil in spring 2018 and are looking at other opportunities for touring and festivals this year. If you want to see them, make sure to spread the word everywhere you can so that their fan base grows.  If you want them at one of the festivals that you go to, get their names into the conversations with the festival organizers. Many festivals have fan voted performance slots. So nominate them, then make sure you vote for them and get everyone you know to vote for them too.  Up and coming bands like Mile need the fans participation to help them get booked. So do your part and they will do theirs. 

Finally, where can you pick up a copy of ‘The World In Focus’ this Friday, January 19th? On multiple platforms; iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and Rhapsody. For those fans who are lucky enough to catch Mile at one of their live shows, the band will have physical copies of their CD available for fans to get their hands on.  Keep an eye on our site too, I’ve worked out getting my hands on a few copies of the CD that I will be giving away soon!

When we starting hearing of new tour dates, we will make sure to update you with the dates. Until then, check out the first Mile album ‘Lost’ below and check out the audio of our interview below.


Updated January 19th…. Here’s the link to the ‘The World In Focus’

Connect With Mile Online: Facebook / iTunes / Spotify / YouTube

Mile is:
Masken – Vocals
Fredrik – Guitar/Backup vocals
Dave Wallberg – Guitar/Backup vocals
Niklas Tidholm – Bass
Dennis Kjellgren – Drums

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