August Burns Red ‘Phantom Tour’ Brings Insanity to Denver

w/ Born of Osiris, Erra and Ocean Grove - January 29, 2018 - Summit Music Hall, Denver, Colorado

August Burns Red
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On Monday night, The Phantom Tour featuring August Burns Red, Born of Osiris, Erra and Ocean Grove made its stop in Denver for a sold out show at the Summit Music Hall.

The first band to take the stage was Ocean Grove. A 5 piece nu-metal band from Melbourne, Australia. It was the bands first time in the United States but you never would have guessed based off watching the crowd’s reaction. I had never heard their music before the show so when they started with their first song, “What I Love About A Natural Woman”, I was surprised they were on the tour but I quickly put my foot in my mouth as their set went on.

Playing only tracks of their latest release, ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’, the bands is noticeably influenced by old school nu-metal bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit. Ocean Grove is a band that brings a lot of energy to their show and are non-stop moving to the point choosing who to have my camera on at times became quite a difficult split decision. The band has been around since 2010 and over the years have gained quite the following so it was no surprise that so many people had arrived early to catch them.

Next up for the night was Erra. I wasn’t surprised to see these guys on this line up because they are no strangers to touring with August Burns Red. Erra has been a personal favorite of mine for quite a few years and they get better live each time I’ve seen them. They tore up the stage at the Summit playing songs off their three most recent albums, ‘Drift’, ‘Augment’, and my favorite, ‘Impulse’. In between songs vocalist, JT Cavey, talked about the bands love for Denver and him having enjoyed spending his birthday here two years ago during one of their tours and his excitement to be back again. They were most recently here over the summer so I’m expecting a break in touring before new music is released but will be excited when they make their way back.

Before Born of Osiris came on I caught myself talking to security about wanting to leave my bag near them after we had to leave the photo pit so I could get in the mosh pit. When they mentioned to me that not a single person had crowd surfed yet I took it upon myself to break the seal for the night. Especially for Born of Osiris, a band I had been following since their early days when I lived back in Illinois.

As soon as the beginning of “Divergency” started the crowd went wild and I had questioned if I was going to make it out as soon as I thought or be stuck in there for the entire song. Thanks to some strangers I was able to stick to my promise to security and throughout the rest of the set security had their work cut out for them. Playing fan favorites, “Bow Down”, “Follow the Signs”, “Machine” and “Throw Me in the Jungle” to name a few, their 10-song set was as always, an energetic performance with the fans moving around and screaming along the entire time. I even caught Erra guitarist and vocalist, Jesse Cash, standing in the crowd during their set.

Headlining the tour was 2x Grammy nominees, August Burns Red. The band flew straight in from being at the award show Sunday night for their performance and although they didn’t win, that didn’t stop them from putting on another insane performance. It had been a year since they were last in Denver and they are another band who always brings a crazy amount of energy to the stage with each performance. The band played a mix off all their albums except 2005’s ‘Thrill Seeker’. They made sure to include “Invisible Enemy”, which is the single that earned their nomination this year. We were blessed with over an hour long set from the headliners and surprised with an encore that closed off with fan favorite, “Composure”.

The Phantom Tour is half way through and if you are in any of the cities it’s coming through you don’t want to miss it!

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