Avatar Country Tour Frightened and Delighted Fans in Seattle

Avatar - The King Live in Paris
Photo by Diane Webb
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Sunday night Göteborg, Sweden metal band Avatar was back in Seattle on their North American Avatar Country Tour in support of their January 12th release ‘Avatar Country’.  Known for their carnival style costumes and makeup, Avatar stepped up their game on this tour by brining along a real sideshow circus. Opening support on this headlining tour were The Brains and Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow.

First up to the pleasure and dismay of the audience was Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow.  Known for their Vaudeville style side circus freak show, they came ready to shock and awe the crowd before them. Some knew what to expect, whilst many others had no idea what they were about to witness.  It quickly became clear as the show started with a fire-eater that this was not a show for those with a weak fortitude.  He started the show performing stunts of swallowing and breathing fire while the crowd stood silent while intently watching his every move. Following his opening performance there were stunts of sword and razor swallowing, meat hooks being driven through the face, hooks hanging from eyelids and the nose while being weighted down with cowbells and a bowling ball.  Yes, I said a bowling ball!  Check the photos to see it for yourself. 

The show continued on with objects being put into nasal cavities, down throats and being balanced on the mouth.  Not the typical items either.  Try balancing a running chainsaw from your teeth or holding a running lawnmower above you with only your lips. It didn’t stop there either. There was also a half-man walking on his bare hands on broken shards of glass. Their show ended with a magic act with 6 birds that helped to relax the audience after the prior events they witnessed.

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In between the sideshow and Avatar was musical act The Brains. The Brains are a Canadian Psychobilly band from Montreal. The three piece band is comprised of Rene D La Muerte – Guitar and Vocals, Colin the Dead – Double Bass and Phil The Beast – Drums.  Their show was fairly stripped down from theatrics but full of great music that had the fans moving around and singing along.  This act received no shock or awe response from the audience, but they did receive lots cheers from the fans for their great music.  If you haven’t heard The Brains before, check them out.  They sound great and put on a fun show.

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Onto the main event, Avatar! We last caught Avatar back in October on tour with In This Moment and Of Mice and Men as opening support which is never enough time for an Avatar performance (see the review and photos here). I was thrilled when they announced their headlining tour for North America because fans were finally going to get a full Avatar show.

As a giant stage curtain dropped, the crowd started cheering as they saw Kungen sitting up the throne. As many know, the new albums theme surrounds the King, so it would only be fitting to start the show off with a throne and Kungen performing sick guitar licks while lounging on the throne. One by one each member took to the stage through whipping lights and fog until vocalist Johannes Eckerström completed the group. The show ambiance was complete as Kungen stepped off his throne, took his oath then the band went into full action!

If you’ve never been to an Avatar show before, it’s a must see event.  Not only are these guys amazing musicians, they are theatrical, well timed and do a superbly thought out show.  Nothing is left to chance, not even their amazing crew who also dawn the same costumes. On that same note, they also do not take themselves too seriously either. They are there to have fun with the fans as they perform. Every show is packed full of lots of hair whipping in every direction, fan interaction and lots of weird and deranged facial expressions.  Honestly, it’s hard to get a better show from another band, because not only does Avatar have a great stage presence, they back it all up with killer music. A true show!

Avatar thrilled the fans with their full set that allowed them to showcase what they are so good at, entertaining and performing great music! Their new songs from ‘Avatar Country’ also sounded great live. The entire night was one emotional roller coaster after another, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

The guys also came with a full merch booth from CD’s to hoodies, pickup some gear when you see them, I certainly did! Thanks for the great show Avatar, please come again!

Avatar is still on tour in the USA, you still have time to catch one of their last dates before they jump onto their European/UK tour.  Fans in Europe and the UK, you are up next, get out there and support Avatar on tour at one of the following dates:

Feb-05 Lawrence, KS Granada
Feb-07 Detroit, MI St. Andrew’s Hall
Feb-08 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues
Feb-09 Indianapolis, IN Deluxe
Feb-10 Milwaukee, WI The Rave II
Feb-11 Grand Rapids, MI Intersection

3/13/18 Utrecht, Netherlands Tivoli Vredenburg
3/14/18 Paris, France Trianon
3/15/18 Lille, France Lille / Le Splendid- (Les Paradis Artificiels Festival)
3/16/18 London, UK Islington Assembly Hall
3/17/18 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium De Casino
3/18/18 Köln, Germany Luxor
3/20/18 Reims, France La Cartonnerie
3/21/18 Nîmes, France Paloma
3/22/18 Cognac, France West Rock
3/23/18 Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain Sala Sanatana 27
3/24/18 Madrid, Spain Sala Mon Live
3/25/18 Barcelona, Spain Sala Bikini
3/26/18 Villeurbanne, France Le Transbordeur
3/27/18 Genève, Switzerland L’Usine
3/28/18 Zurich, Switzerland Dynamo
3/29/18 Milan, Italy Alcatraz
4/1/18 Munich, Germany Technikum
4/2/18 Prague, Czech Republic Lucerna Music Bar
4/3/18 Berlin, Germany Bi Nuu
4/4/18 Hamburg, Germany Gruenspan
4/5/18 Copenhagen, Denmark Pumpehuset
4/6/18 Stockholm, Sen Klubben Fryshuset
4/7/18 Göteborg, Sen Trädgår’n

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