LA Guns Live in Portland

Photos by Mike Lewis

LA Guns Live in Portland

LA GUNS Live In Portland – The reformed rock group L.A. Guns featuring Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns stopped through Portland last week for a show at the Bossanova.  The group is now a mix of classic and new members, rounded out by co-guitarist Michael Grant, bassist Johnny Martin and drummer Shane Fitzgibbon. The revamped L.A. Guns released their latest album ‘The Missing Peace’ in the fall of 2017 on Frontiers Records srl.

The featured local support act was Portland’s Breaker Breaker. The trio merge AC/DC riffage with the attitude of punk and the sleaziness of 80’s glam and it works splendidly. Breaker Breaker are the go to local support act when national acts make a stop in Portland. Their electrifying shows have gained them notoriety and this night was no different. It’s been ages since Portland had a rock ‘n’ roll band this fun to watch (Love On Ice comes to mind). Breaker Breaker performed cuts from 2016 independently released album ‘Wrecking Crew’. They have new music on the way which should help catapult them out of the Pacific Northwest and onto bigger and better things. 

L.A. Guns stop at Portland’s Bossanova Ballroom was in support of ‘The Missing Peace’. As expected, L.A. Guns dished out a heavy dose of their new critically acclaimed album. “Speed”, “Sticky Fingers” and “The Flood’s Fault Of The Rain” were three of the five new tracks performed that received the best response.  Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns have a chemistry that can’t be replicated, the pair appear to be having the time of their lives supported by an incredibly tight band. There were some technical difficulties (mic feedback and not the best of mix), but the band played through it and put on a great show for the Portland fans.

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