Edge of Paradise Margarita Monet Interview (Audio)

Edge of Paradise Margarita Monet Interview – Meet Margarita Monet of the symphonic metal band Edge of Paradise from Los Angeles. We first came across Edge of Paradise last year when they were getting ready to head out on tour in support of their ALIVE EP release. 

The band has a great sound and when I had to chance to catch them live opening for Metal Allegiance last month during NAMM at the House of Blues in Anaheim, I knew it was a show I wasn’t going to pass up.

Having had the chance to see them perform live and how the fans reacted to their performance it was time to chat with their front woman about the music, the band and what’s coming up for Edge of Paradise this year. I can tell you, new music and touring is part of their plan!  

Check out the audio interview with Margarita Monet below and she what she had to say. Edge of Paradise Margarita Monet Interview:

You can check out the live shots from the show here.
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