Pop Evil Concert Review From the Summit Music Hall in Denver

Pop Evil Concert Review

Pop Evil Concert Review From the Summit Music Hall in Denver – This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of seeing Pop Evil at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado. The Summit Music Hall is one of my favorite venues, it has a capacity of about 1100, a horseshoe balcony, great lighting, sound, food and drink and a really nice staff which makes a great experience for fans coming to any show here.

Pop Evil, founded by Leigh Kakaty, rolled into Denver, CO to support their new self titled album. Early in the tour, just their 7th stop, they took the stage with high energy starting the night with “Ways to get High” from their 2015 album ‘Up’ and the crowd responded with a roar to welcome the band to Denver. Just a few notes into their 3rd song “Torn to Pieces”, my personal favorite, the Summit Music Hall started to shake. When they followed with “Waking the Lions”  and “Ex Machina” off their new album, the energy level put forth by the band was returned by the crowd.

As the night continued with a mix of old and new tracks, the bands stage presence was electric and exciting to watch. Kakaty‘s jumps and strong vocals mixed with billowing smoke rising from the front of the stage excited the fans.  Add to that the perfectly timed riffs from Davey Grahs and Nick Fueling on guitars and bassist Matt DiRito‘s manic rhythms as they moved around the stage and interacted with the audience and it was a highly energized show between the band and the fans. High up above the stage set upon at tall riser was drummer Hayley Cramer, thrashing with great skill to the delight of everyone. She’s a great drummer to watch live.

The band finished up the night with a two song encore “Foot Steps” from the album ‘Up’ and “Trenches” from the album ‘Onyx’. The Summit crowd showed their appreciation for the great night of music from the band.  You have time to catch this tour. Pop Evil will be on the road until April 7th, get out and see them for a fun night of music.

Pop Evil are:
Vocals: Leigh Kakaty
Guitar: Davey Grahs
Guitar: Nick Fuelling
Bass: Matt DiRito
Drums: Hayley Cramer

Ways To Get High
Boss’s Daughter
Torn To Pieces
Waking Lions
Ex Machina
Deal With the Devil
Monster You Made
Silence & Scars
Colors Bleed
Art Of War
Be Legendary
Take It All
100 In A 55

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