Architects Perform To A Wild Crowd In Seattle

Architects Perform

Architects Perform To A Wild Crowd In Seattle – This past Friday night metalcore giants Architects played Seattle’s Showbox at the market.  Touring alongside Architects was Stick To Your Guns and Counterparts.  

First up for the evening was Counterparts.  The Canadian hardcore punk band got the crowd wound up quickly with their song “Bouquet”.  Vocalist Brenden Murphy stirred the audience into a frenzy as he got up onto the security barrier and started singing with the audience.  As soon as Murphy got back on stage, crowd surfers started to come up and over the barricade one by one.  The half hour set came to a close with the song “The Disconnect”.  If you get a chance to see Counterparts live, I suggest doing so.

Following that performance was California’s Stick To Your Guns.  The hardcore act started off their 45 minute set with the song “Married To The Noise” off of the album ‘True View’.  The bands energy on stage was matched by the audience for the entirety of the set.  Vocalist Jesse Barnett started calling for circle pits which the crowd was able to do instantly.  Before the song “The Sun, The Moon, The Truth”, Barnett started talking about personal experiences in his life and the state of the country.  This gave the song a little bit more of a hard-hitting feel.  The set came to a close with the song “Against Them All”.  During the song Barnett walked into the crowd and started singing with them.  Stick To Your Guns is a great band to see live.  The amount of energy they bring to a performance is staggering and hard to match.  Make sure to see them whenever they came to a city near you.  You won’t be disappointed.

Finally the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Architects was about to come on and obliterate the crowd.  The house lights went out and the band walked onto the stage.  The set started off with the song “A Match Made In Heaven”.  The lights focused on vocalist Sam Carter who sang the intro with a backtrack before the hard-hitting sounds of the guitar, bass and drums kicked in.  This got the crowd moving and jumping.  Following that song were the tracks “Downfall” and one of their heaviest songs “Naysayer”.  The crowds reaction to the band was astounding as the crowd screamed along every word of the songs during the performance.  The hour and a half long set came to a close with “Gone With The Wind”.  Architects are one of the most influential pioneers of metalcore and their live performances certainly show it.  Not only does the music sound crazy, their light show can easily rival The Dillinger Escape Plan with the amount of strobe lighting that is used.  This is a band that you don’t want to miss live.  They are a must see for any fan of metal.

Architects Setlist for Seattle:
A Match Made In Heaven
Broken Cross
Dead Man Talking
Phantom Fear
The Devi Is Near
These Colors Don’t Run
Gone With The Wind

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