Asking Alexandria Returns to Seattle

February 24, 2018 - Showbox SODO, Seattle, WA

Asking Alexandria Returns to Seattle

Asking Alexandria Returns to Seattle – It’s been less than a couple of years since Danny Worsnop rejoined Asking Alexandria on vocals. When the band made their first live performance in Seattle on October 25, 2016 with Worsnop back in the lineup, I was there to catch the action and what an amazing show it was!  Fans were charged with infectious energy to see them performing together once again. So when I heard that Asking Alexandria were headed back to Seattle last month, I knew this was a show not to be missed.

Asking Alexandria – Return of Danny Worsnop – October 25, 2016 Showbox Sodo

On this current tour, Asking Alexandria were part of the lineup for the Black Veil Brides tour along with Crown the Empire. For me, this night was absolutely about AA!  For those not aware, the band released their latest self-titled album in December via Sumerian Records and what an album! You can grab a copy most anywhere you get your music today.

Before Asking‘s set, Crown the Empire did an amazing job kicking the show off and warming up the audience.  Fans were pushing up and over the barrier half way through their set so it was clear, this crowd was going to be lit for Asking Alexandria and they were!

As Asking Alexandria took to the stage, Worsnop sprayed water off the front of the stage and the band went straight into the first song of the evening “Into the Fire”.  The audiences energy was immediately over the top. Fans were singing along and one by one started to come up and over the barrier.  Into the second and third songs of the set, “Killing You” and “To The Stage”, the C02 cannons started going off, shooting high into the air across the front of the stage while Ben BruceCameron Liddell and Sam Bettley where moving back and forth across the stage and jumping up on the platform set at the front of the stage.  In between songs we got full eyes on James Cassells as he stood up to see the crowd then went back to his manic drumming. The band went on to perform 15 songs during their set and closed with “The Death of Me”, while the fans totally immersed themselves into the music and performance.

Asking Alexandria is always a great live show to see.  Myself and fans alike were thrilled to see these guys back in Seattle at the Showbox SODO for an evening packed full of great music, energy and entertainment. Do yourselves a favor if you see Asking Alexandria coming to a city near you, go see them!  You will have an amazing time out and the fans all come together as one so if you are going alone or going with friends, no one is alone and everyone is included!

Thank you Asking Alexandria for another amazing show!  Please return to Seattle, we will always welcome you back! 

Seattle Setlist:












Asking Alexandria Are:
Ben Bruce – Guitar
Cameron Liddell – Guitar
Sam Bettley – Bass
James Cassells – Drums
Danny Worsnop – Vocals

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