Mac Sabbath Brings Drive-In Metal To The Music Capital

Mac Sabbath

Mac Sabbath Brings Drive-In Metal To The Music Capital – We have all heard of different types of sub-genres of metal, such as pirate metal and folk metal. Get a load of this, have you ever heard of Drive-In Metal?

Well, Austin’s very own Come And Take It Live got its’ ketchup packet popped, by one of the most memorable shows that I’ve been to lately.

The supporting act for the tour was an act that I’ve been dying to catch in person for quite some time. When you mix Star Wars with a five-piece band, you’re bound to come up with a bit of magic. This would come from the band straight out of warp speed, Galactic Empire. The lights went dim, and the band took the stage as the lights rolled around the packed venue. Dressed up as personas from Star Wars universe, the five-piece group took their places on stage and wasted no time diving into the metal-esque covers of classic Star Wars tunes. What was great is their dialogue between songs offered some comic relief to their set as well. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will not be disappointed one bit.

Headlining this night was Mac Sabbath, the originators of Drive-In Metal, parody the McDonald‘s happy meal clan in a Black Sabbath fashion. If that does not get your attention, I do not know what will.

Mac Sabbath is one of the few metal bands that still have discernment about their identities. The members of Mac Sabbath are quite the story, but there’s no way to hide their talent. Although the group is a bit of a joke, the genius of the guys is not. If you take aside the costumes and the bizarre stage act, you are left with a talented group of guys that can rock a Black Sabbath cover show effortlessly. One of the things that caught my eye was how the band members were able to play while in costume, particularly Grimalice and Slayer McCheeze.

While their set was not too long, it certainly was not lacking in musical talent or even in acting. Ronald Osbourne pulls off the perfect Ozzy Osbourne impersonation. Their stage show also consisted of a bunch of props and theatrics ranging from a DJ mix board for effects built into a BBQ grill, to a milkshake microphone stand. When old’ Ronald went to pull an oversized expanding straw from his pants so that he could shotgun a PBR, it not only was a sight but it made me chuckle a bit. With songs like “Frying Pan” (Iron Man) and “Pair-A-Buns”(Paranoid), the crowd went wild. Ronald even did a stint of crowd surfing while embracing the fans.

Whether you went for the music or went for the amusement value, there was something for everyone enjoyed the entire night. What a way to kick up the weekend. I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us next!

For some reason, I’m just trying to picture Ronald Osbourne and Darth Vader at a taco truck after the show…


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