Spotlight Artist: Mothersound


Spotlight Artist: Mothersound – Meet Mothersound, a 4 piece metal-core band hailing from Los Angeles, CA that I discovered while up in Laramie, Wyoming for a show a few months back. If you are a fan of Silent Planet and Ghost Key, you will be a fan of Mothersound.

The band has been around for six years and formed when vocalist Alejandro Ruiz and guitarist Jose Lopez decided to start fresh after some bad luck with member changes in a previous band. The band originally started as a 6-piece and featured Jose on drums before their current drummer, David Hicks came along and Alejandro on bass before, Forrest Barrett joined taking over and leaving Alejandro on vocals.

For the first 2 years, they weren’t very active and spent most of their time trying to discover themselves as a band and figure out what they wanted their sound to be. In 2015 the band was able to release their first EP, ‘When We Sleep’. Their guitarist, Jose, has mentioned that a huge part of the inspiration for the EP came from a lot of his own personal experience dealing with his parents’ divorce and his brothers suicide. He used writing to express his feelings during extremely difficult times and while all extremely unfortunate, it helped put out a banger of an EP if I do say so myself. There is a lot of raw emotion throughout the entire EP and we can expect more of that with their new album coming out later this year.

After the release of ‘When We Sleep’ the guys were able to start doing a few small weekend tours and eventually were able to get a 3 week-long run that summer. The guys made touring a huge priority for them which meant putting writing on hold, but it has helped them gain a huge fan base along with a ton of great experience. Two years later, the guys finally put a halt on touring their focus and took the time to write new material. This time, the guys worked a bit more closely when it came to writing the lyrical aspects and all drew inspirations from their own lives and struggles over the years with religion, anxiety/depression and racism. Jose said, “we can still expect the same emotion only the new album with be a bit angrier”. For this album the guys packed up and headed to Portland for a few days to record with Mike Sahm at Dreamawake Studios. They also worked with Spencer Keene who produced and recorded their most recent release since their EP.

One of the biggest accomplishments for Mothersound as an up and coming band was the opportunity for them to play the Vans Warped Tour this past summer. At the time they were on tour with Wyoming act Sorry No Sympathy and by pure chance had a day off in Ohio on the day of the Vans Warped Tour. A quick phone call to their manager led them to the right crew to obtain day pass in exchange for volunteering. Coincidentally, one of the bands who was doing the volunteering ended up leaving the entire tour early and Mothersound was asked if they would be interested in taking their spot. Of course the guys said yes, and in exchange for a few hours of volunteer time the band would be given the opportunity to play on select dates. Mothersound was on the last three weeks of Vans Warped Tour which was an eye-opening experience for the band, but one they are extremely grateful for.

After a summer on Vans Warped Tour and wrapping up their new album, the guys really want to make touring a priority again. They hope to do a few shows later this year to not only support the album release, but hopefully support a few larger scale acts as well, so keep your eyes peeled if you see them coming to your town!

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