Flogging Molly Invades Austin At The Remarkable Stubbs BBQ

March 9, 2018 - Stubbs BBQ, Austin, TX

Flogging Molly
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It is like clockwork, every spring you can expect the legendary Stubbs BBQ to host iconic Irish inspired punk rockers, Flogging Molly. Which typically means a sold-out show, excessively long bar lines and crowd surfing.

The last time the guys were here, the show ended up getting shut down abruptly due to severe weather and extreme flooding. The fans had to corral inside the restaurant until it was safe to leave. Not so many of the fans knew that the band performed across the street at the local Irish pub after the storm subsided. So for many, this show had some built up anticipation.

Once the intro the “The Hand of John L. Sullivan” intro began, the lights went dark and the crowd started to lose it. Then the band makes their way to the stage from the loading dock with shots of Jameson in hand. The guys made a toast and hopped into position. With the acoustics in play, the chants of “Erin go Bragh” and screams from the copious mid-thirties crowd rang out.

It would be an understatement to say that Flogging Molly kicked ass because it was more like a wallop to the face. The venue was absolutely wrecked by the end of the third song. The group has this unique ability to drag the audience down into the music while making them beg for more. The setlist was comprised of newer tracks, as well as older, more iconic tunes. Dave King, the band’s frontman, knew precisely how to work for his crowd, claiming that the band has played at the legendary BBQ joint nearly every year just before SXSW in March or late February.

By the end of the night, kilts were waving in the wind and the whole place was rocking to the vibes from the music. Everyone was pumping with excitement while the alcohol pulsed through his and her veins. It was astonishing and it was a great night to be an Irishman.

Flogging Molly are:
Dave King: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Bridget Regan: Fiddle, Tin Whistle
Dennis Casey: Electric Guitar
Matt Hensley: Accordion
Nathen Maxwell: Bass
Bob Schmidt: Mandolin, Banjo
Mike Alonso: Drums

The Hand of John L. Sullivan
Selfish Man
Drunken Lullabies
The Days We’ve Yet To Meet
Requiem For A Dying Song
Saints and Sinners
Life In a Tenement Square
Black Friday Rule
Life Is Good
Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Devil’s Dance Floor
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
What’s Left Of The Flag
Salty Dog
Crushed (Hostile Nations)
Seven Deadly Sins

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Follow Flogging Molly Online: http://www.floggingmolly.com

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