Clan of Xymox at the Oriental Theater in Denver

March 16, 2018 - Oriental Theater, Denver, CO

Clan of Xymox

Clan of Xymox at the Oriental Theater in Denver – On a windy and chilly Friday evening, I made my way to the Oriental Theater in Denver CO to witness the new wave, electronic rock, goth rock and dark wave music of Clan of Xymox. It had been 19 years since the German group last toured the US and their fans turned out in force to take in the evening of their music.

The Oriental Theater (my first time there) was a pleasant surprise. With a capacity of about 700, as you walk into the theater there are 3 levels of seating or standing that graduate down to the generous main floor, a large stage and a great atmosphere.  As the people entered the venue to the sounds of DJ SVIPAL spinning goth rock and dark wave music, the buzz and excitement was about Clan of Xymox not having played the US in so long.

The venue was packed as the 10 o’clock hour approached, the lights dimmed a roar rang out as Clan of Xymox took the stage and began the night with, “Days of Black” from their latest album with the same name. They followed that by going way back in time (1985) to their first album, self titled, Clan of Xymox with “Stranger”. From there, the night seemed to flow with out a break in that flow, even when lead singer, founder of the band, Ronny Moorings would take a little time here and there to talk with the crowd, it still moved along with a flow that added to a very entertaining evening.

The night moved forward with a great mix from the old familiar songs to their new songs with the fans dancing, singing and showing their appreciation. When the band broke into the song, “A Day” from their first album, I put my camera down and just listened, this was the song that turned me onto them. As the evening started to whined down, their first encore started with, “Your Kiss” from their newest album, and their second encore finished with, “This World” from their 1997 album, Hidden Faces. An amazing night indeed!

I highly recommend to anyone, even if you’re not familiar with Clan of Xymox but do enjoy their style of music, to take a night and catch them on this tour. It may be a long time before they return.

Days of Black (Intro)
She Is Falling in Love
Leave me be
Hail Mary
In Love We Trust
Jasmine and Rose
A Day
Back Door

Your Kiss

Cry in the Wind
Muscoviet Musquito
This World

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