Album Review: Meka Nism ‘The War Inside’

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Meka Nism
Photo by Barry Nadler

Meka Nism
Album: The War Inside (EP)
Label: Self-Release
Genre: Metal
Release Date: May 10, 2018

Meka Nism are at it again with their newest upcoming release ‘The War Inside’. The follow up to their 2016 release Live From the Machine Shop’, Meka Nism pulls no punches on this release. It’s honest, heavy and packed full of some of the most amazing elements of metal music infused with some of the most versatile, controlled and distinct vocals in metal music today.

As the EP kicks off with the title track “The War Inside”, it starts out with a misleading piano intro that lead the listener to believe they are listening to some sort of easy listening album. Just then, at the :13 second counter, intense drumming and guitar riffs split this song wide open and pull the listener straight down the rabbit hole into a music journey that’s going to take them through a vortex of chill inducing screaming and clean vocals, all while wrapped up in this eargasmic explosion of deep rhythmic drumming, squealing guitars and meaty, forceful bass tracks. 

Just as the listener tries to catch their breath, the album transcends into the second track “These Years of Silent Screams” and pulls the listener back into another intense yet futuristic track that is a bit ethereal and oooooh so good! Meka‘s vocals are so vulnerable yet raging with intensity that can only be matched by the intensity of the music laid out in this track.

And if you were hoping for a break somewhere in this EP… it’s not going to happen on the third track either. “Trailblazer” starts out with a bit of rapid fire drumming and riffs, then goes up a notch as the vocals come in. It does come down for a moment as the chorus arrives, but then full intensity sets back in and crazy intense vocals will have the listener raging along with the song and then as the chorus sets back in, Meka will seduce the listener like a Siren with her calmer vocals then lash out at them as her manic screams come in full force. I really enjoyed the give and take of the intensity and calming effect of the vocals and music in this track. Definitely a great way to infuse the two together in a track.

“Arrows of Alchemy” has this killer heavy bass riffage that’s forceful and intentional and I as a listener, I can always appreciate when an artist gives me this kind of stand out bass to enjoy. Vocals to this track are vulnerable and hypnotic. Mid way through you get a rad drum crescendo that builds up until the song explodes all at the same time combined with the hypnotic and hauntingly soft vocals.

The EP wraps up with “Black Sky” which in my opinion is the perfect outro song to wrap up the EP. It takes a different direction starting with piano, gentle vocals that allow you hear Meka‘s incredible voice in a raw and natural tone. Then the song lifts up as it adds in the guitar, bass and drums into to the mix of the track. The vocals get loud then move into heavy, dark, guttural growls that are so intense. The range of vocals on this track are really something for the listener to stop and wonder just how anyone can do that.  Then a few trickling and lingering key notes, and a slow down again of vocals lead you out on an A Capella vocal note that will give you the chills.

This is an incredible EP! The only thing I can say negatively about this one, it’s just too short! I want more and I want it now. Meka Nism blew me away with this release and I am excited for all of you to hear it! May 10th! Mark your calendars and get over to their website and buy this EP. You’re really going to enjoy what they’ve done on this one!

I had a chance to connect with Meka Nism‘s Bobby Keller at the NAMM Show earlier this year and we had a chat about his story, about the new album and what they have planned for the year. You can take a listen to that interview below.


Track Listing:
1. The War Inside
2. These Years of Silent Screams
3. Trailblazer
4. Arrows of Alchemy
5. Black Sky

EP Credits:
• All songs performed by: Meka Nism
• All songs written by: M. Strier, R. Keller, J. Adkisson, J. Lane
• Produced by: Lasse Lammert, LSD Studios – Lubeck, Germany
• Mixed by: Lasse Lammert
• Mastered by: Lasse Lammert
• Album Artwork by: Bobby Keller

EP and Live Band Line Up:
– Ms. Meka (Vocals)
– Bobby Keller (Guitar)
– Chris Lane (Drums)
– Jarret Robinson (Bass)
– Jay Adkisson (Keys) | Facebook | Twitter | Reverbnation | Youtube | Instagram

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