Dying Fetus Tour Annihilates Seattle

Dying Fetus Tour
Dying Fetus
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Dying Fetus Tour Annihilates Seattle – This past Wednesday an insanely brutal tour rolled through Seattle.  Dying Fetus and Thy Art Is Murder came to perform at Studio Seven.  Touring along side with them was Rivers Of Nihil, Enterprise Earth, and Sanction.

The first band of the night was local opener Scourged.  The hardcore/ death core band has been playing shows around Seattle for a little while and they are starting to gain a following in their scene.  I unfortunately only got to catch the last song they played but from what I heard they are a band you shouldn’t overlook. If they are an opener for a show or playing a local show, go check them out.  Listen to their new song “Psychosis” on Spotify or their Facebook page.

Next up for the evening was Sanction from Long Island, New York.  These guys fuse a crazy style of hardcore and metal.  Some of their breakdown parts seem influenced by Every Time I Die and they can pull off that style very well.  The energy that this band has is matched by the audience.  From pretty much the first note of their set the mosh pit opened up and kept moving the entire performance.

Following Sanction was Rivers Of Nihil from Reading, Pennsylvania.  These guys just put out a new album on March 16th entitled ‘Where Owls Know My Name’.  The set started off with their new song “The Silent Life”.  Vocalist, Jake Dieffenbach, called for a circle pit and for the crowd to put it’s horns up.  The crowd immediately broke into a frenzy as the pit opened up and horns were filling the air from the back to the front of the stage.  The half hour set came to a close with “Sand Baptism”.  If you really like technical death metal, these guys are perfect for you.  If you get a chance to see them live I suggest doing so.

The next band up was Enterprise Earth from Spokane, Washington.  The Seattle crowd was already pretty worked up from the last two bands, but during this set they took it to an extra level.  The crowd roared as the lights dimmed and the band started to play.  The set started off with “Mortem Incarnatum”.  The floor looked like a warzone as bodies were being tossed around.  The 35 minute set was a nonstop show of aggression from the band that was met by the crowd as well.  The performance ended with the song “Deathwind”.

The fifth band of the evening was Thy Art Is Murder.  These guys were in the states late last year with Decapitated and boy has their set changed a bit.  The change made their set much more insane live.  With an already rowdy crowd, the lights went out and you could see people shoving forward to get closer to the stage.  The band came out and played an intro before vocalist, CJ McMahon, came out to the stage.  As soon as McMahon walked on to the stage the audience cheered.  The band started off their set with their song “Dear Desolation” which got the crowd moving.  During the second song “Puppet Master” McMahon told the audience he wanted to see the mosh pit run around the pole at the venue.  Surprisingly the audience was able to do it which was pretty impressive due to the fact it was a near sold out show and the floor was pretty full.  One of the many highlights of the night was when McMahon talked about how he hated seeing people use their phones to take pictures and videos for the whole show.  For their song “The Purist Strain Of Hate” he requested for no phones to record the song because he wanted everyone to be in the moment.  He then said if anyone sees another audience member staring at a phone screen during the song to smack it out of their hands.  He did mention though not to touch any professional camera equipment due to the fact that, “that stuff is crazy expensive and the photographers will mess you up if you attempt to smack the cameras out of their hands.” The minute set came to a close with their hit song “Reign Of Darkness” off of their album ‘Hate’.  These guys put on one hell of a show and keep growing not only as a band in the studio, but as live performers as well.  If you get the chance to see them live, make sure to do so.  You will not be disappointed.

The headlining slot was for the evening went to the living death metal legends Dying Fetus.  Before the band came out a random pop song came on and the audience lost and started to mosh to it.  After they were done moshing they opened it up to a dance floor where audience members challenged each other to a dance off.  With that going on you could just tell it was going to be a rowdy set.  When the lights went out, the band walked out onstage and welcomed the crowd.  The set started off with their hit song “Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses)”.  As soon as the song started the entire floor turned into a giant mosh pit.  The next song made the crowd go even crazier.  They ripped straight into “Induce Terror” off of their latest album ‘Wrong One To Fuck With’. Following that was their smash hit “Your Treachery Will Die With You”.  During that song vocalist and guitarist, John Gallagher, told the crowd that he wanted to see the mosh pit to wrap around the pole and that he wanted to see stage dives as well.  The audience was quick to respond to that and the venue turned in to a madhouse.  The over hour-long set was filled with fan favorites such as “Grotesque Impalement”, “In The Trenches”, and “One Shot, One Kill”.  The show came to an end with the song “Wrong One To Fuck With”.  Dying Fetus puts on an amazing show.  Not only do they show you the complexity and technicality of their music, they can stir the crowd into a frenzy.  They are true showman and kill it every time they play.  Whenever they announce a tour or a show near you, make sure to be at that show.  It is one you will never forget.

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