Matt and Kim Concert Review, Live From the Starland Ballroom

Matt and Kim Concert
Matt & Kim
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Matt and Kim Concert Review, Live From the Starland Ballroom – Matt & Kim headlined at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey on Friday, March 23, 2018. They were not the only band on the lineup that night. Two other bands, Twinkids and Cruisr joined them on the bill for the show. The first band that started the show was from Los Angeles, California and had a pop vibe. They announced that it was their first show ever and first time on tour. The next band that walked on stage was Cruisr, an indie pop band from Philadelphia. The band mentioned that they will be releasing a new song in a few weeks called “Mind Eraser.” It truly was a phenomenal lineup because all of the bands were very talented!

Matt & Kim are an indie electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York that formed in 2004.  The group consists of Matt Johnston (Vocals/Keyboards), and Kim Schifino (Drums). They were art students at the Pratt Institute and one day decided to pursue music. Matt & Kim are not just an ordinary band. They have a unique sound with a spunky beat and high energy. They know how to connect with the audience by telling jokes and sharing their life stories. The duo is also known for being creative and dancing on stage. At one point during the Starland Ballroom show, Kim was standing on top of her drum kit while pounding hard to the beat. I’m not sure what I missed all of these years because this is the most enthusiastic and entertaining duo I have ever seen!

Since the start of their music career they have released five studio albums. Their 2009 album Grand was a big hit and featured the lead single “Daylight”. Matt & Kim won the Breakthrough Video Award at the 2009 MTV Video  Music Awards (Wikipedia). I have heard so many phenomenal things about this band and how talented they are so I decided to take a listen for myself.  For Christmas one year, I asked my brother to get me a Matt & Kim CD. He got me the New Glow album which is their fifth studio album and is one that I listen to quite often. “Can You Blame Me” and “Hey Now” are my favorite songs from this album. Matt & Kim played both songs at the Starland Ballroom show. This was the first time I’ve seen Matt & Kim in concert and I was very impressed with their set. As a matter of fact, I was looking forward to the show all week-long. My brother saw them perform at Firefly Music Festival in 2015 and he told me how amazing they were live in concert. He was absolutely right. Listening to music by Matt & Kim is the kind that never seems to get boring.

During the song “Forever” Matt & Kim threw balloons into the crowd while everyone bounced them through the air. It was cool to watch the fans blow up the balloons themselves and toss them around in the crowd. This was probably the most memorable moment from the show. Another highlight from the show was when Matt & Kim played the song “Now” while the lights were flashing on stage in the background. I’ve never seen Kim play the drums so fast while Matt’s voice echoed throughout the venue. Their setlist included a mix of old and new songs.

At the end of the show the duo took a small break followed by a final appearance that night for the encore. Matt & Kim announced a new song, “Happy If You’re Happy” from the upcoming album, Almost Everyday, that will be released in May 2018. This will be the first full-length release since Kim suffered an injury onstage last spring that resulted in a torn ACL. The couple told fans at Starland Ballroom how thrilled they were to be back playing in front of an audience since Kim’s previous injury last year. This was definitely a concert you don’t want to miss. Matt & Kim seemed to be having non-stop fun and smiled on stage throughout their entire performance. This was a show that kept everyone entertained. I was happy that I stayed until the end of the show. I will definitely attend another Matt & Kim concert in the near future!

Live Photos: taken by Kimberly Ann, edited by Diane Webb.

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