Album Review: Knee High Fox ‘Jawbreaker’

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Knee High Fox
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Knee High Fox
Label: One Fox
Genre: Alt Rock/Electronica
Release Date: March 29, 2018

Knee High Fox has just released their full length album ‘Jawbreaker’. I’ve been waiting for a full length release from this band since having the opportunity to catch them live in Seattle a little over a year ago. Having not heard them before seeing them live, they immediately caught my attention with their musical style.

Knee High Fox have this intense energy that comes across amazing in a live venue, but how about through their recording? Well I am happy to say that same enthusiastic, dark energy shines on this album. Depending on your musical taste, exposure and age, from the very beginning with the opening track “WITCH” I recognized old school Missing Persons vocal tones that are eerily close to Dale Bozzio‘s, but wrapped in a cool infusion of screams, growls and even playful feminine tones. There’s something very vulnerable in Krys Fox‘s vocal tones on this album, but that’s about as innocent is it goes. The lyrics are explicit and clearly meant to say, up yours to society and social norms that are thrust upon us all.

The music itself is a mix of electronica, beats, rhythmic rap, distorted alternative elements, guitars, big chorus’, ethereal lows, raw and heavy hitting lyrics. The music will have the listener up for a song then down for the next. There is definitely a contrast of tempos throughout ‘Jawbreaker’ to let the listener experience the dimensions Knee High Fox can take them through.

Whether dark or upbeat, Knee High Fox has a sound that is all their own. ‘Jawbreaker’ will take listeners on an insanity ride then as they come to the end of the album, Knee High Fox will give listeners a fresh take with a cover of “Lovefool”. I don’t usually care for covers of songs, but in this instance I really enjoyed it and actually like it better than the original song. Krsy Fox‘s vocals on this track are stunning and show the versatility in her vocal range and the stripped down tone she has. It was a pleasant and surprising end to ‘Jawbreaker’.

I recommend checking out Knee High Fox if you’ve never heard of them before. Those of you who already have, you need to check out the new album! Keep an eye out for tour details on this group, you want to catch them live!

Jawbreaker Track Listing:
Those Girls
American Beauty
Lovefool (Cover)

Knee High Fox are:
Krsy Fox – vocals
Simon Nagel – bass
Sam Bam Koltun – guitar
Harley DeWinter – drums

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