American Standards Perform Seattle’s Top Knot Fest

March 30, 2018 - Southgate Roller Rink, Seattle, WA

American Standards
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American Standards
American Standards – (L to R, Steven Mandell, Brandon Kellum, Corey Skowronski, Mitch Hosier)

American Standards Perform Seattle’s Top Knot Fest – Somewhere along the way in my writing escapades I crossed paths with vocalist, Brandon Kellum of American Standards. Recently he reached out to say the guys were headed out on tour and were making their way to Seattle for a couple of shows. Of course, I had to see American Standards live in full action mode!

Well just last week they passed through Seattle along with fellow musicians, Steaksauce Mustache who they are touring with, to perform at Seattle’s Top Knot Fest at the Southgate Roller Rink. This was set to be a night of glorious punk and metal mayhem as the line up was stacked with numerous local bands as well as touring bands that made their way into Seattle to collide, literally on skates! Seriously, who could turn down this genre of a show at a skating rink? Not me, but I did avoid the skates!

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ and making a grand escape… in Spring? Maybe the guys should have waited to escape that summer heat? Who knows, but I am sure glad they made their way here to perform. Friday night was insanity, but in a GREAT way! Lots of raw music, great talent and fun to be had by all who showed up witness this event. A number of bands performed before American Standards was up in the lineup, each highly entertaining, but when it came down to it, I was there to witness these talented guys as well as their touring buddies in Steaksauce Mustache the most!

So what will fans and innocent, unknowing bystanders get at an American Standards show? Great music, high energy, audience interaction, literally up in your personal space and in your face sing-alongs and a night to just let loose and enjoy themselves. Nothing pretentious, nothing scripted (well maybe the setlist), but just good and honest entertainment. American Standards has a great punk/rock sound that listeners will dig and the way they deliver their shows, listeners will be fans by the end of their set. Don’t rush off after their show either, the guys will be out hanging around and chatting so you can get to know them and talk about their music or just about anything else that comes up.

I can’t speak highly enough about this show or the band’s performance. It was great to just be able to enjoy a show that was back to the roots of plain, old fun and great rock music. Do yourselves a favor and pick up their latest release called ‘Anti-Melody’ and then catch them at a live show. You will have a great time!

I grabbed the band while they were in Seattle and we chat about the band, their music, touring and life in general. You can hear what the guys had to say about it everything below in our interview. Then stick around and check out photos from the show.

Check out some live photos from the show below, the full photo album is on our Facebook Page here.

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