We Came As Romans Brought The Pain In Austin

March 24, 2018 - Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX

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We Came As Romans
We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans are moving across the country on the Cold Like War Tour with The Plot In You, Oceans Ate Alaska, Currents and Tempting Fate. For the Austin, TX tour date, the Detroit natives landed themselves at Come and Take It Live in Austin, Tx.

Within seconds of me getting there, Currents was taking the stage, the pit began and gave way to an impressive set that left everyone craving for more. There is no doubting their ability to incite crowd interaction as their intricate drumming and powerful vocals had everyone riled up with energy. They mesmerized the crowd with the ability to flow into each, and every one of their songs. This was my first experience seeing them live, and it indeed was well worth it. I hope to see them back on the road shortly after they finish up this tour!

We Came As Romans setlist covered well-chosen songs of both old and newer albums. They most certainly focused on their most recent album, Cold Like War. After the band played the title track of their debut album, “To Plant a Seed,” they took a second to recognize and show appreciation to the longtime fans chanting in the audience.

We Came As Romans always start off the set hard and maintain its high-energy consistency until the very end, and they never fail. Every band member gave it their all to give an infectious performance. This even including climbing the speaker stacks and diving into the crowd. Come and Take It Live is a decent medium sized venue, but tonight the place was packed. At one point I had to head to the patio just to grab a bit of fresh air. No doubt, as soon as I came back in the band and the crowd was still going strong.

Even after the show, the band was open to interacting with the fans. That is something that I have always loved to see in a group, is how they communicate with fans off the stage. Currents and We Came As Romans both did an astounding job this night and can not wait to see them both come sometime soon.

WCAR Setlist:
To Plant A Seed
Vultures With Clipped Wings
Cold Like War
Wasted Age
Fade Away
To Move On Is to Grow
Lost in the Moment
Broken Statues
Foreign Fire
Tracing Back Roots

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