Nightwish Decades Tour Comes to Denver’s Paramount Theater

April 3, 2018 - Paramount Theater, Denver, CO

Nightwish Decades Tour
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Nightwish Decades Tour Comes to Denver’s Paramount Theater – Walking into the Paramount Theater, I knew I was in for a great night of music. As I walked in with other fans, we were handed a free copy of the 2-Disc ‘Decades’ album by Finland’s amazing symphonic metal band, Nightwish!

This night was a little different though, there were no opening acts, only Nightwish. They were showcasing 20 years of their iconic music. As the fans entered the theater, the LED backdrop had an image of what looked like a closed camera shutter. As we waited, a video asked the concert goers to put away their cell phones to step back in time when the technology didn’t exist, calling them, “little glass demons” that make us slaves to the digital world.

Then a countdown began and the fans started shouting, “Nightwish” over and over until Troy Donockley appeared and started playing snippets from “Swainheart”. Then one by one, the other members took their places and lastly, Floor Jansen walked out onto the stage and was greeted by the loud roar of the fans. The band broke into the song “End of all Hope”. From there on and throughout the night, Nightwish took us back and forth in time with their music, playing many songs that they have not played on tour in years.

On this night, photographers were allowed to take photos from around the venue. As I wandered, I found myself just listening to the incredible music and vocals of Nightwish. The LED screen displayed wonderful background images that flowed with the music, mesmerizing the crowd.

The fans, more than with almost any other band I’ve seen, loved to sing along with the band! While Floor Jansen would belt out her vocals, the crowd would sing with her. To me, this was energizing to experience such an interaction between the audience and the band. This went on for a little over two hours and when the band took their final bow, their fans let them know how appreciative they were for an amazing night.

This is a must see tour with Nightwish. For those of you who have never seen them live, they will take you on a musical journey.

Swanheart (instrumental snippet)
End of All Hope
Wish I Had an Angel
10th Man Down
Come Cover Me
Sacrament of Wilderness
Deep Silent Complete
Dead Boy’s Poem
I Want My Tears Back
The Carpenter
The Kinslayer
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
Slaying the Dreamer
The Greatest Show on Earth @Info [Chapter I: Four Point Six; Chapter II: Life; Chapter III: The Toolmaker]
Ghost Love Score
The Greatest Show on Earth @Tape [Chapter IV: The Understanding; Chapter V: Sea-Worn Driftwood]

Nightwish are:
Floor Jansen – vocals
Tuomas Holopainen – keyboards
Marco Hietala – bass & vocals
Emppu Vuorinen – guitars
Jukka Nevalainen – drums
Troy Donockley – Pipes, flutes & whistles

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