Cradle of Filth Cryptoriana World Tour Comes to Denver

April 16, 2018 - Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO

Cradle of Filth Cryptoriana
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Cradle of Filth Cryptoriana World Tour Comes to Denver – As the 10 o’clock hour approached, the anticipation for Cradle of Filth was electric. They were founded in 1991 in England. Through changes over the years, it has been said that the current line-up is the most “brilliant”. Their new album, ‘Cryptoriana’, was described by Filth as, “infused with Victorian gothic horror, we mutate, breed and run totally amok with this album”!

The band members took the stage one by one to the sound of “Ave Satani” and with their backs turned to the crowd. Then slowly turning around, Dani Filth moved quickly to the center of the stage and exploded into a high-pitched shriek. A roar thundered throughout the venue as Cradle of Filth broke into “Gilded Cunt” from their 2004 album, ‘Nymphetamine’. From that point on, the skills of each member was poured onto the crowd has they moved from one song to another, continuing into the darkness that their music takes the listener to.

As “Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors” brought the first part of their show to a pause, their fans were excited to hear where Dani Filth was going to take them next. As “A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon”, from their 2003 album ‘Damnation & A Day’ began to play, Cradle of Filth returned to the stage to continue their journey into darkness. When Lindsay Schoolcraft broke into symphonic vocals on “Nymphetamine (Fix)”, I was excited as this is a favorite of mine and apparently the crowds favorite as well by their response to Lindsay Schoolcraft‘s voice.

The night came to a close as “Blooding the Hounds of Hell” played throughout the venue while fans made their way out. This was my second time seeing Cradle of Filth and again they put on an awesome show. The Cryptoriana World Tour is one not to miss, step into the darkness that is Cradle of Filth.


Cradle of Filth are:
Dani Filth – Vocals
Martin Skaroupka – Drums, Keyboards and Orchestrations
Daniel Firth – Bass
Richard Shaw – Guitar
Ashok – Guitar
Lindsay Schoolcraft – Narrative vocals

Set list:
Ave Satani – Tape
Gilded Cunt
Beneath the Howling Stars
Blackest Magick in Practice
Heartbreak and Seance
Bathory Aria: Benighted Like Usher / A Murder of Ravens in Fugue / Eyes That Witnessed Madness
Dusk and Her Embrace
The Death of Love
You Will Know the Lion by His Claw
Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors – Tape

A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon – Tape
The Promise of Fever
Nymphetamine (Fix)
Her Ghost in the Fog
Born in a Burial Gown
From the Cradle to Enslave
Blooding the Hounds of Hell – Tape

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