Papa Roach Brings Crooked Teeth Tour to Indianapolis

April 22, 2018 - Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN

Papa Roach

Papa Roach Brings Crooked Teeth Tour to Indianapolis – Papa Roach continued their almost year long (so far) tour promoting their most recent album, Crooked Teeth, with a stop on April 22nd in the Egyptian Room at Indianapolis’ Old National Centre, with support acts, Nothing More and Escape The Fate.

The current leg of the tour is a headlining run allowing the band to satisfy their loyal and fanatical fanbase with a lengthy set of approximately 22 songs… much longer than on their month long jaunt from February to March this year supporting A Day To Remember, which saw a shortened setlist of around 12 tracks.

Despite their most well known hits occurring shortly after their major label debut in the early 2000’s, the band’s albums in the 2010’s (The Connection – 2012, F.E.A.R. – 2015, Crooked Teeth – 2017) have shown musical maturity while maintaining the band’s melodic, yet hard rock edge. Consequently, the recent albums have spawned many fan favorite anthems that hit just as hard live as do their iconic hits such as Last Resort, Getting Away With Murder, …To Be Loved, and Scars. In fact, with Crooked Teeth’s success in streaming and song videos streams, the band seems as popular as ever, with many of the current shows selling out.

Papa Roach wasted no time getting the crowd riled up, opening with Crooked Teeth, …To Be Loved, Getting Away With Murder, and Between Angels & Insects, before seguing into more current tracks such as Face Everything And Rise, Gravity, Periscope, My Medication, Born For Greatness, American Dreams, and Traumatic, among others.

The venue was packed and the crowd sang, jumped and waved their hands along to this upbeat, manic affair led by singer/cheerleader extraordinaire, Jacoby Shaddix, who sang/screamed his heart out as he tirelessly worked the crowd from side to side.

The definition of the word Rapport is: A close or harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well. And there could not be a more appropriate word for the exchange of energy and emotion between Shaddix and the Papa Roach crowd, who all seem to relate to the frequent subject matter of the band’s songs: love, lust, heartbreak, anguish, fear, anger, revenge, perseverance, faith, strength, and redemption.

While Shaddix is the ringleader on stage, Papa Roach is a team effort. The band (guitarist – Jerry Horton, drummer – Tony Palermo, bassist – Tobin Esperance, and keyboard/rhythm guitar – Anthony Esperance) is talented and tight, providing great balance between brutality and swing to pull off the sonic force of the band’s music.

Papa Roach’s current tour runs through May 13th before heading to Europe for shows in August. And Jacoby Shaddix mentioned on Instagram Live this week that the group may be in the studio in July for further recording, with possible United States dates later in 2018.

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