Carnifex Chaos And Carnage Tour Comes To Seattle

Carnifex Chaos And Carnage
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Carnifex Chaos And Carnage Tour Comes To Seattle – This past Tuesday Carnifex played a show at Studio 7 along side a massive line up including Oceano, Winds Of Plague, Archspire, Spite, and Buried Above Ground.

The first two bands of the night were Ashes Of Existence from Bellingham and Dismembering Mary from Olympia.  These two bands were perfect openers for the show.  Both bands have a solid fan base and the crowd was getting pretty wild during their sets.  The insanity of their sets just kept carrying over into the rest of the show.

The first touring act was Buried Above Ground from ST. Paul, Minnesota.  The Midwestern deathcore group had a couple of members dressed up in stage costumes.  The crowd reacted well by headbanging and singing along with the band.  At one point during the set they had a technical difficulty but they pushed on and they killed the rest of their set. These guys are a fun band to see live.

Next up was Spite.  With an already rowdy crowd you could just tell it was about to get wild in the venue.  When the band walked on stage you could feel the atmosphere of the show turn into something extremely intense.  As soon as the first note was played the crowd went insane and rushed the stage and stage and opened up a hardcore pit.  The floor looked like a scene straight out of the movie Road House.  The 30 minute set started off with the song “Psychopath'”. The set came to a close with the song “Free For All” which is what the mosh it turned into.  As the band was thanking the fans, vocalist Darius Tehrani yelled out to the crowd “Stay fucking angry!” which got the crowd cheering.  These guys are amazing live and put on an insanely brutal show.  I highly suggest seeing them.  Just be aware that the mosh pit may get a bit crazy so just be careful but have fun.

Also, go check out the Spite merchandise store at SPITECULT.COM.  During their show in Portland, Oregon someone broke into their trailer and stole tour equipment as well as personal belongings.  These guys are extremely humble and they were a pleasure to talk to after their set.  All of the money from the sales will be going to help them get back on their feet.  Anything helps.

Following that performance Archspire was set to play.  These guys have taken the technical death metal genre by storm with their musicianship.  The band can play at 350 BPM and it sounds amazing.  The 30 minute set started off with their song “Calamus Will Animate” off of their latest record Relentless Mutation’.  The crowd reacted well by opening up a large circle pit.  During one of the songs vocalist Oliver Aleron held up a light that said the word applause.  This made the crowd laugh pretty hard as the band continued to showcase their musicianship.  During the song “Lucid Collective Somnambulation” Oliver asked for a triangle pit instead of a circle pit.  The crowd was able to make it happen and kept it up for a while.  The set came to a close with the song “Remote Tumor Seeker”.  Archspire is a band any music fan needs to see.  Even if death metal isn’t your thing the technicality these guys showcase is truly astounding.  Make sure to see them live at some point.

The next band was Oceano from Chicago, Illinois.  The deathcore legends came out swinging with their song “The Taken”.  The next song made the crowd even more crazed as the went into playing their hit song “Dead Planet”. During the song “A Mandatory Sacrifice”, vocalist Adam Warren got the crowd to open up a circle pit that took up most of the floor.  When the breakdown hit everyone on the floor started jumping making the audience look like a wave.  The 40 minute set was filled with many fan favorites including “District Of Misesry”, “Nephilim”, “Human Harvest”, and “Lucid Reality”.  The set came to an end with the song “Dawn Of Descent”.  Oceano always puts on a fun show and I highly recommend seeing them if they play a show near you.

Following them was Winds Of Plague from Los Angeles, California. The band came started their set off with their hit “Decimate The Weak”.  The song caused the audience to started moving as the floor turned into a whirlpool of bodies being tossed around.  During the breakdown of the song the crowd yelled out “I am sent from Hell” before the breakdown hit.  During the song “Blood Of My Enemy”, vocalist and keyboardist Adrienne Cowan joined main vocalist Johnny Plague at the front of the stage to rock out the chorus of the song.  Before the final song of the set it was announced that their drummer was unable to perform the final few dates of the tour and instead of dropping off the bill Carnifex drummer Shawn Cameron played their set for them.  The performance came to an end with the song “Reloaded”.

The headliners for the night were Carnifex.  With stage props set up on stage and a giant banner that had their name across it, the audience was ready for pumped to see the band perform.  The first song of their set was their hit “Drown Me In Blood” off of their album ‘Slow Death’.  The set continued with another song off that record as they played “Slow Death”.  Vocalist Scott Lewis kept calling for circle pits the entire time.  During the song “Hatred And Slaughter” he got audience members on the floor and in the bar to start jumping along with the rhythm.  Surprisingly, in the middle of the set a giant evil looking priest walked out onto the stage and started blessing the crowd.  The figure looked just like the priest on the cover art for their album Hell Chose Me‘.  After the figure walked off stage the band played the song “Hell Chose Me”. It was a bit of a surprise to see it in the middle of the set since the band usually ends with that song but it was great to see that the setlist had changed a bit.  One of the highlights of the night was when they played “The Diseased And The Poisoned” which was off of an earlier release from 2008.

On their last tour Carnifex did a cover of “The Heretic Anthem” by Slipknot.  This time the band decided to do a cover of “Angel Of Death” by Slayer.  As soon as Scott mentioned Slayer the audience immediately cheered.  When the guitar intro for the song kicked in the circle pit was raging with bodies being thrown around.  The hour long set came to an end with the song “Lie To My Face”.  One of the best parts about that song being played live was when the band stopped before the breakdown hit and the audience yelled out “What the fuck”, and then the pummeling sound of the double bass of drummer Shawn Cameron devastated the crowd.  

Carnifex is a solid band to see live.  The energy they showcase on stage is matched by the audience.  When these guys announce a tour make sure to be at one of the shows near you.  These guys never disappoint live.

Carnifex set list for Seattle
Drown Me In Blood
Slow Death
Hatred And Slaughter
Pale Ghost
Black Candles Burning
Dark Heart Ceremony
Hell Chose Me
Dark Days
The Diseased And The Poisoned
Dead But Dreaming
Die Without hope
Angel Of Death (Slayer cover)
Lie To My Face


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