Emmure Natural Born Killers Tour Comes to Austin

May 1, 2018 - Come and Take It Live!, Austin, TX

Emmure Natural Born Killers Tour

Emmure Natural Born Killers Tour Comes to Austin – Emmure, the longtime deathcore juggernauts have hit the road on the Natural Born Killers Tour with Counterparts and King 810 and made their arrival known in Austin, Texas at the always favorite metal club, Come and Take It Live. This tour was a fantastic lineup with some epic bands from the Hardcore/Death Metal community.

Emmure has been hitting it hard across North America over the past year or so. With the announcement of the Natural Born Killers Tour, they most certainly are not about to slow down anytime soon. This band keeps catching my attention with their ability to keep putting out such good music and let that reflect even more so in their stage performance.

A buzz filled the room as the lights dimmed and the crowd eagerly awaited for the band to hit the stage. As soon as the lights blacked out and re-emerged with the group opening up with “You Asked For It”, you could very quickly see that the guys have great chemistry on stage with each other. Frankie Palmeri showed the nearly sold-out crowd on a Tuesday evening that, Emmure will stand the test of time. They showed the power and force within the setlist, reflecting highlight tracks from the ‘Look At Yourself’ album. Tracks such as “You Asked For It”, “Natural Born Killer” and “Iceman Confession”.

One of the things that I dug the most about this show was the diversity within the crowd. The mix of men and women ranged from middle school kids to grown adults in their early 40’s. Emmure shows that they not only keep killing it, but also have plenty room to grow more in the metal community.

You Asked For It
Shinjuku Masterlord
Natural Born Killer
Iceman Confession
Sunday Bacon
Most Hated
4 Poisons 3 Words
Flag Of The Beast
Bring A Gun To School
Children Of Cybertron
Solar Flare Homicide
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

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