Sabroso Music, Craft Beer and Taco Festival Comes to Auburn’s White River Amphitheather

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The Sabroso Music, Craft Beer and Taco Festival recently made a stop in the Seattle area for an unforgettable day of beer, food, music and wrestling! Our stop in Auburn, WA at the White River Amphitheater included music from The OffSpring, Pennywise, Against Me, Lit, Unwritten Law and Los Kung Fu Monkeys.

The Sabroso Festival highlighted many craft beers that also included a number of our local breweries in the mix. There was an amazing flavor of beer to quench even the pickiest of beer drinkers. As I browsed the selection and stopped and talked with festival goers, they all had the same thing to say; the beer was great and they were intent on sampling many of the offerings throughout the day.

Along with the beer, there were tacos! By the long lines all day long, it was clear that most everyone wanted to dive into some awesome street style tacos. I mean come on, who of us haven’t run for the border after a night of fun, tacos are universal eats anytime of the day and any day of the year! I watched numerous foodies walkways with plates stacked one on another full of tacos. Just the beer and tacos alone signaled a good day ahead but then you add in some Lucha Libre wrestling and live music and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing day of fun, which is exactly what the festival attendees had!

The event kicked off with a perfect day of sunny weather and mid 70’s temperatures, which are rare in May in Seattle! You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to enjoy this kind of outdoor event. General doors opened at 1:00pm and fans began their day off sampling the beer and taco’s while browsing vendor and merchandise booths to grab some swag from the show. Before the first band of the day took the stage, it all kicked off with a match of Lucha Libre wrestling. Now, if you’re not a fan of wrestling whether it be traditional sport wrestling or WWF, everyone can enjoy a Lucha Libre match!

Lucha Libre wrestling is over the top fun. The wrestlers are loud, entertaining and theatrical. Not to mention, great athletes who pull off some pretty amazing acrobatic moves throughout their matches. Fans surrounded the ring to watch and cheer along with each other as each match unfolded. Definitely a great start to the show and to entertain fans in between each bands set.

When it came to the music offerings of the day, fans had many options to choose from. The numerous eclectic bands with their rowdy punk and rock offerings were pleasing.  There was even a bit of Ska sound in the mix. Many of the bands performing got big in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. For me personally, I was thrilled with the lineup and the chance to see so many of the bands I’ve enjoyed over the years all in one day.

First up for the day were Los Kung Fu Monkeys with their fun ska mix and high energy set. When you see a trombone and saxophone on the same stage at a rock show…. you know there’s going to be a lot of fun ahead! They were the perfect band to kick off the music portion of the day!

Unwritten Law hit the stage second in the lineup and rocked out the fans with a number of their hit songs. It was clear that the fans knew the band as you could see them singing along. It was also cool to see those in the crowd that knew of the band, but suddenly realized who they were as each song came on.

Following Unwritten Law was Lit, a band I admit to knowing well, I’ve overplayed a number of their cd’s in my time! The guys put on a high energy set as fans sang along with many of the songs in their setlist.

Third up for the day was Against Me! This is a band I adore. They’ve shaken up the old normal and through their music have also given a voice to many people in the LBGT community that never had a voice. A very public coming out as being transgender unfolded before the music community and world in 2012 as then frontman, Thomas Gabel, announced he was transgender and would be moving forward in life as a female and known as Laura Jane Grace. Something that is extremely hard to do without being in the public eye as it is, but much more crucified for those in the public eye. Laura Jane Grace decided write a memoir book, ‘Tranny: Confessions Of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout’, that was released in 2016 to let people look behind the “curtain” of what it took for her to get to this place in her life. There are a number of fans who’ve walked away from Against Me! since this announcement, but even more new fans who’ve come along to support Grace and the band in way they never expected to see. As the band took to the stage, it was clear that the fans were there to support their music and enjoy the time with them as they ran through their set in a show that felt like it was simply too short!

Second to the last for the evening was Pennywise. As the band took to the stage, the sun was setting and so much so it was blinding to the artists. Each member dawned a pair of sunglasses, hat or combo of both. Before starting the set, frontman Jim Lindberg jokingly said, “Can someone turn the sun off?”, then the band kicked off their hour-long set with “Fight Till You Die”. The audience was rowdy and intent on having some fun, something that Pennywise‘s energy always amplifies. The band wrapped their set up with “Bro Hymn”.

Just before the final set of the night, Gringo Bandito Tacos had a special main stage event set. A taco eating challenge where world-famous food challenge eater, Takeru Kobayashi, noshed down on as many tacos as he could in the allotted time as the crowd cheered him on.

The final event of the night was the showcase set from The Offspring. The band hit the stage at 9:00pm and fans flooded the floor pit to lay waste to the last of their energy for the day. The band rocked fans with an impressive 16 song set, but being punk rock some songs flew right by! Their set started out with “Americana” off their 1998 hit album ‘Americana’ to which fans let loose, jumping around the pit and singing along. Through each song fans could be seen singing along, but most notably to song off of the albums ‘Americana’ and ‘Smash’. The band played numerous fan favorites like “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)”, “The Kids Aren’t Alright” and “Bad Habit”. The evening came to wrap with the final song of the night, “Self Esteem”.

This festival is now a wrap! Let’s hope we see something fun like this again next year, because who doesn’t love a good time that includes great beverages, tacos, music and entertainment? Thanks to Brew Ha Ha Productions, Synergy Global Entertainment and all of the sponsors for a great time out (Gringo Bandito, Avery Brewing, Rockstar Energy Drink, Chronic Tacos, Milagro Tequila, Cosmic Fog and many more)!

And thank you to all the brewers who took part in the Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival season!!
Avery Brewing, Pizza Port Brewing Company, Three Weavers, Abnormal Beer Co., Artifex, and Modern Times in Dana Point; New Glory Craft Brewery, Seismic Brewing Co., Heretic Brewing Company, The Bruery, AleSmith, and Avery Brewing in Sacramento; Oskar Blues Brewery, Melvin Brewing, Upslope Brewing Company, Renegade Brewing Company, Avery Brewing, and Great Divide Brewing Co. in Denver; Avery Brewing, Kaktus Brewing Co., Bosque Brewing Company, and Great Divide Brewing Co. in Albuquerque; The Shop Beer Co., Avery Brewing, Barrio Brewing Co., Crooked Tooth Brewing, Grand Canyon Brewing Company, and Stone Brewing in Tucson; 7 Seas Brewing, Wingman Brewers, Avery Brewing, Harmon Brewing Co., Melvin Brewing, Silver City Brewery, and Wet Coast Brewing Co. in Auburn; and Modern Times, Avery Brewing, AleSmith, Ninkasi Brewing Company, Ecliptic Brewing, and 2 Towns in Portland. To any that I failed to mention, thank you!

Enjoy some photos from the event below!

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