New Years Day Tour Wraps Up With Intimate Show at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs

May 24, 2018 - Sunshine Studios Live, Colorado Springs, CO

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New Years Day Tour Wraps Up With Intimate Show at Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs – Coming off a very successful tour with, In This Moment, Halestorm and their performances at Rock On The Range, New Years Day arrived at Sunshine Studios Live early on the day of their final stop on this tour.

As I had found out before their set, Ash Costello had strep throat and they decided on a different approach for their show that evening. As New Years day took the stage, their backdrop was up close to the front of the stage and chairs were set out for everyone and Ash Costello took the mic and told everyone that she had strep throat and she would not be able to perform as she and the band would have liked. They had decided that they would do two acoustic songs which were from their new EP, Diary of a Creep, “Disgust Me” and “Crawling”.

When they were done with the songs, they all sat on stage and for about 45 minutes or so, had and question and answer session. Though it wasn’t a big crowd this evening, no one left and it was easy to see everyone was having a great time asking the band questions from, who were their biggest influences, favorite bands, family and so on. When they were all done, the band made sure that everyone who was there got a photo with the band.

I honestly believe that no one left disappointed. I heard people talking as they left that they never had and experience like this where the could spend time with a band, asking questions and listening to other fans with their questions. It was a very enjoyable evening and with some rest, I’m sure New Years Day will be back out tour before to long.

New Years Day are:
Ash Costello – Vocals
Nikki Misery – Guitar
Jeremy Valentyne – Guitar
Frankie Sil – bass
Zach Morris – drums

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