Devastation On The Nation Comes To Tony V’s Garage; Featuring Aborted, Psycroptic, Ingested, Disentomb, Arkaik, Venom Prison and Vale Of Pnath

June 6, 2018 - Tony V's Garage, Everett, WA

Devastation On The Nation
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This past Wednesday the Devastation On The Nation tour came to Tony V’s Garage in Everett, Washington. On this tour was Aborted, Psycroptic, Ingested, Disentomb, Arkaik, Venom Prison and Vale Of Pnath.

The show started at 5 pm and the first band came on at 5:35.  Unfortunately due to traffic I missed the first two bands but from what I was told the local band and Vale Of Pnath both killed it. If you get the chance go check out Vale Of Pnath live and on record.  They are named after a place in an H.P. Lovecraft book.  The technical death metal band from Denver, Colorado is signed to Willowtip Records.  They have put out two full albums and an EP.  All of which has been highly praised.

The third band of the night was Venom Prison.  The female lead brutal death metal band started off their 35 minute set their song “Abysmal Agony”.  The crowd reacted very well by opening up a mosh pit that took up a good amount of the floor.  During their final song of the set vocalist, Larissa Stupar, climbed on top of one of the speakers by the crowd.  Venom Prison is fantastic live.  Check them out if they play a show near you.

Next up was Arkaik from Riverside, California.  The technical death metal band opened up their set with their song “Metamorphignition” off of the album with the same title.  As soon as the band hit the stage the crowd erupted with loud cheers and a circle pit that filled the floor of the venue.  The half hour set was crushing as the audience lost their minds over each song.  Unfortunately it seemed like the set was cut short but the performance was fantastic none the less.

Next up was Disentomb from Australia.  These guys have a big following in the brutal death metal and slam metal scene. With an already rowdy crowd you could tell that the performance was going to be crazy.  The half hour set started off with the song “The Promethean Altar”.  Immediately the crowd opened up a massive mosh pit that lasted the entire set.  Vocalist, Jordan Phillip, kept commanding the audience to keep up the intensity while the band completely decimated the crowd.  During the final song Phillip got down onto the floor and performed alongside the audience while moshing along with them while audience members kept screaming into the microphone.  Disentomb put on quite an intense set.  They are a must see for any death metal fan.

Following that performance was Ingested from Manchester, England.  The band has quite a following and the audience filled the floor in anticipation of the set.  One surprise for many fans was when Jason Keyser of the band Origin came out to perform vocal duties for the band.  The half hour set started off with the song “Purveyors Of Truth” off of the bands recently released album entitled The Level Above Human.  Very quickly the entire floor was looking like a game of red rover as bodies were being thrown side to side.  One of the highlights of the set was when the band had the audience split the pit for a wall of death.  The crowd was very excited and as soon as both sides got set for the insanity to follow the band ripped into the fan favorite song “Skinned And Fucked” off of the album Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering.  The set came to a close with the song “Invidious”.  Ingested puts on a devastating show and I highly recommend seeing them live.

Next up was Psycroptic from Australia.  The technical death metal band drew in quite a crowd.  The set started off with the song “Echoes To Come” off of their self titled album.  The crowd started headbanging at the sound of the thunderous and fast riffs. Vocalist, Jason Peppiatt, kept calling for the audience members to move forward and have some fun up front.  As the set continued the floor filled up more and more.  The 45 minute set was filled with fan favorites like “Carriers Of The Plague”, “Forward To Submission” and many more.  Their performance came to a close with the song “Cold”.  Psycroptic is mind blowing live.  The technicality they showcase is amazing.  From the pummeling double bass drumming by Dave Haley,  the blistering speed and accuracy of guitarist Joe Haley and bassist Todd Stern, all the way to the visceral vocals of Jason Peppiatt.  This band has been around for almost twenty years and the have truly mastered their craft.

The headlining spot went to Aborted.  The death metal legends came out to an extremely anxious crowd.  The hour long set started off with the song “Divine Impediment” off of their album “Retrogore”.  The audience quickly started slamming into each other as the band continued to unleash their brutality on the fans.  In between the songs vocalist Sven De Caluwe kept talking to the crowd about the tour and the line up.  Before the song “Meticulous Invagination”, De Caluwe told the audience they could stage dive if they’d like but they had to catch each other.  As soon as the song started one member got on stage and the audience caught him and crowd surfed him around for a solid 20 seconds.  The audience matched the energy that the band put out.  The set came to a close with the song “The Origin Of Disease” off of the album Global Flatline.  The band thanked the audience and told them they would be back soon.  Aborted is a one of a kind death metal band.  They mesh so many different styles into their sound that it is almost hard to classify them.  Check them out live whenever they announce a tour near you.

Aborted setlist for Seattle:
Divine Impediment
Cadaverous Banquet
Meticulous Invagination
Parasitic Flesh Resection
Necrotic Manifesto
Termination Redux
Bit by Bit
The Saw And The Carnage Done
The Origin Of Disease

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