Styx Summer 2018 Tour Comes to Greenwood Village, CO

June 5, 2018 - Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre, Greenwood Village, CO.


Styx and Joan Jett hit the road as co-headliners for summer shows throughout the U.S. with Tesla as their supporting act. On June 5th they stop was Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater in Greenwood Village, CO.

It had been 40 years since I last saw Styx perform and I was very excited to see them again. The stage for Styx had a walkway above the drummer with stairs on either side. As their show began, drummer, Todd Sucherman and guitarists, James Young and Tommy Shaw, entered the stage from the top of the walk way, making their way down the stairs as Lawrence Gowan, keyboards and vocals, and bassist, Ricky Phillips, came on from the sides and the band broke into the song, “Gone Gone Gone” from their 2017 album The Mission and the show was on!

As the crowd roared and the lights lit up the stage, I was reminded of just how much I enjoy this band. Their energy level was high and what fun it was to watch them work their way around the stage interacting with each other and the crowd. Lawrence Gowan would rotate his keyboard making gestures, stepping off his platform and dancing around the stage as Tommy Shaw was belting out the lyrics and Ricky Phillips and James Young met in the middle of the stage with smiles that added to the enjoyment of watching this amazing band. Without stopping, they stepped back to 1978 and from the album Pieces of Eight they brought “Blue Collar Man” to the delight of the cheering crowd that sang along with the band.

You know there were a lot of smiles and awe’s from crowd when the band broke into “Lady” from their 1973 album, Styx II. I watched people swaying back and forth to the song holding their lovers. As the band moved back and forth in time with their music, a real treat happened when co-founder of the band, Chuck Panozzo join the band on stage for the song, “Fooling Yourself” from their 1977 album, The Grand Illusion, while the crowd cheered with appreciation. Panozzo returned a little later to share the stage again when the played “Come Sail Away”. They ended their show with, “Renegade” from their 1978 album, Pieces of Eight. As the band took their bows to a very appreciative crowd, I thought to myself, why did I wait so long to see them again. It was an amazing show and a must see for everyone.

Styx are:
Tommy Shaw guitar
Lawrence Gowan keyboards
James “JY” Young guitar
Todd Sucherman drummer
Ricky Phillips bass
co-founder bassist Chuck Panozzo with a guest appreance

Styx Setlist:
Gone Gone Gone
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
The Grand Illusion
Radio Silence
Happy Birthday to You @Cover
Crystal Ball
Miss America
The Outpost
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) @With[Chuck Panozzo]
Too Much Time on My Hands
Bohemian Rhapsody @Cover
Come Sail Away @With[Chuck Panozzo]
Rockin’ the Paradise

About Styx:

At 12 years of age, twin brothers Chuck (bass) and John Panozzo (drums) first played music together with their 14-year-old neighbor Dennis DeYoung (vocals and keyboards) while living in the Roseland, Chicago area.  They started playing under the name, The Tradewinds, In 1965, the Tradewinds name was changed to TW4 (There Were 4) In 1972 they changed their name to Styx. Through the early 70’s the band’s success was a bit slow until the late 70’s where the band’s popularity grew with hit’s like “Lady”, “Lorelei” and the rock anthem “Suite Madame Blue”. With the release of the album, The Grand Illusion, in 1977, this became their breakthrough album, reaching Triple Platinum certification (Wikipedia, 2018).


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