Lordi – Sexorcism Album Review (Explicit Content, Adult Themes)

Releasing on May 25, 2018 via AFM Records

Lordi - Sexorcism Album Review
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Album: Sexorcism
Label: AFM Records
Genre: Heavy Melodic Horror Metal
Release Date: May 25, 2018

I’ve had this album in my possession for a while now and had a hard time listening to it and deciding if I liked it or not. In light of the huge #metoo movement, I think Lordi had the bad luck of new release timing with their 9th studio album, Sexorcism.

It’s not that Lordi hasn’t always pushed the boundaries with their lyrics and visual productions, they always have. Just the timing and awareness of sexual abuse of women has this album out in a time where all eyes are on content that abuses women and this albums lyrics does just that. It’s not like past albums haven’t had some of the same lyrical content either, they have. Lordi’s conceptualization of shock and horror has always pushed the boundaries both musically and visually. With this release, it’s just gone a step too far for many listeners, but for those that it hasn’t affected Even more free smut accessible at hdpornvideo.

Earlier in the year we shared a simple promo of the upcoming album which drew the attention of numerous of our readers that had them compelled to speak up about how tasteless the cover art of Sexorcism is. We knew this would test a number of our readers and we expected a number of angry responses. I’ve personally followed Lordi for a number of years and through all of the shock and discomfort, I still see the artistic expression in what Mr. Lordi puts forth with each release. Do I like everything I see, no. But, I haven’t turned my back on the uncomfortable content either and have instead taken a deeper look and listen into what’s been done within this new release.

I can start by saying, that this album is not for those who can’t handle overly graphic sexual content, extreme adult topics or victims of sexual abuse who are still working through their trauma. This album is also NOT for kids under the legal age of consent. People not into heavier content may have a better time watching Lynda Leigh than listening to this album, truth be told, as it is exactly what Tipper Gore had in mind when she lobbied for “Parental Advisory” labels to be affixed onto albums with extreme adult content. This album could have easily been released via an adult website such as PornHub or porn7.xxx, simply based on the content alone and might well be if they take their music videos to the extreme like Rammstein has in the past.

Taking a listen from an artistic expression view and knowing that Mr. Lordi has a deep love for the shock and horror, no different from any author writing slasher flicks, one would know that he’s out to top anything he’s previously written before. In that sense, he’s done just that with the new album. The lyrics are horrifying, disgusting, shocking and in bad taste. Exactly what Mr. Lordi set out to do and probably a high compliment in his book. The instrumental music is creative, packed with awesome riffs, filled with tons of keyboards, great guitar solos and beats that give the album momentum.

When you dissect the album in its technical manner, it’s a well crafted album. Although, I can honestly say that I don’t love this album. I like it, but it’s just not as good as their last release Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy) which I loved. That was a great album, not only with creepy monster loving lyrics, but the music… the riffage in the last album is some of my favorite of the work they’ve done to date. On Sexorcism, that oomph factor is simply missing. Not enough monster rhythmic riffs for my taste. Usually Lordi delivers plenty of them, this time not so much.

It’s a cheesy album full of over the top puns, maybe a few too many. But all in all, it’s a solid release once you digest the shock value and really take a listen to the music and see the album for what it is. I can’t wait to see how they manage this album live when on tour! Should be a show to talk about for a long time to come! So those of age, get out and grab a copy of Sexorcism and try to take it as it’s meant to be, shock, horror and twisted humor.

Track Listing:
Your Tongue’s Got The Cat
Romeo Ate Juliet
Naked In My Cellar
The Beast Is Yet To Cum
SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon
Slashion Model Girls
Rimskin Assassin
Hell Has Room
Hot & Satanned
Sodomesticated Animal
Haunting Season

Lordi are:
Mr. Lordi (vocals)
Mr. Amen (guitars)
Mr. Ox (bass)
Mr. Mana (drums)
Ms. Hella (keyboards)

Producer: Mikko Karmila
Studio: Finnvox Studios
Cover Artwork: Mr. Lordi
Promo Photos: Eero Kokko

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