Girlschool Interview Sweden Rock Festival 2018

Girlschool Sweden Rock Festival 2018
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Girlschool Interview Sweden Rock Festival

The NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) forever changed the landscape of Heavy Metal music. One of the pioneering bands during this time were Girlschool. Ahead of the times for an all female heavy metal band in 1978, something they never set out to do in the first place; being an all female band. They kicked ass just as hard as others involved in the NWOBHM and showed people that gender doesn’t matter in heavy metal when you know what you are doing.

Girlschool have stood the test of time and today are still kicking ass and rocking out fans around the world. I caught the band at Sweden Rock Festival 2018 and they put on a fantastic live show and fans were thrilled with the show. They still have a great time up on the stage and their show reminds fans why they are still making music and touring; because they are still rowdy and loving the music! 

After the show I sat down with Enid Williams (bass) and Jackie Chambers (guitar). We had a quick, but fun chat where we talked about touring, making music and got a little nostalgic about the era of the NWOBHM. Thanks again to Enid and Jackie for the chat! 

They are headed on tour with Rose Tattoo in September and have a number of festival appearances through summer and fall 2018. Fans, check out how much fun these women are in the interview below and make sure to get out and catch Girlschool on tour this year! 


Girlschool are:

Kim McAuliffe: Rythm Guitar / Lead Vocal
Jackie Chambers: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Enid Williams: Bass Guitar / Lead Vocal
Denise Dufort / Drums

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