Interview with ZephyrA

I’ve been following Swedish metal band, ZephyrA, for the last year when I met vocalist, Åsa Netterbrant and we connected on music.

This band has a great sound that incorporates clean and growling vocals paired with intense music. So last month while in Sweden for Sweden Rock Festival, I had to sit down and chat with the band and do a “get to know you” type of interview so that new fans can see who makes up this amazing band, where they came from and what direction they are heading in.

The band has numerous releases out now and are set to head back into the studio in fall to start recording their next album. Please get to know ZephyrA and check out their interview below.

Band Members:

Growls & Vocals: Åsa Netterbrant
Guitars: Tony Netterbrant
Bass: Alfonso Rinaldo
Drums: Jimmy Janzon

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