Album Review: Orator – Kallipolis

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Artist: Orator
Album: Kallipolis
Label: Self Release
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: July 6, 2018

There is something to be said about concept albums.  Usually that style is hit or miss.  The artist has to tell a story or give their own interpretation of a story.  Seattle’s Orator did just that on their debut album ‘Kallipolis‘ and they killed it. 

The concept for the album is based off of one of Plato‘s writings Republic, which is a philosophy and political theory piece.  It was written in 380 AD and still stands the test of time.  So for a group to pick one of the hardest books to discuss, and somehow turn into an album is absolutely insane.

From the very beginning of the album you can tell that you are in for a treat.  The opening track “Kallipolis” is an instrumental song that really helps set the tone for the album with its somewhat dramatic sound.  It feels like you are hearing the words of the book through the instruments. 

Following that is the song “Emperor (Disposable Youth)”.   The blistering fast guitar riffs and pummeling double bass will blow you away.  The vocals of Isaac McCormick sound so visceral and raw.  In the song you can really hear the sounds of the their influences.  About half way through the song the beat slows down and it sounds like a slamming part that Suffocation would play.

With a different sound to each song, this is a very well done and well written album.  The story they are interpreting through their music is felt in a way that not many others would be able to pull off.  Kallipolis is available for streaming and purchase on their Band Camp page as well as their Facebook page. It is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.  No matter what format you use, I highly suggest checking this album out.

Orator is:
Isaac McCormick – Lead Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Matt Stecz – Lead Guitar
Marco Pitruzzella – Session Drummer

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